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To sum up my Spring Festival in one sentence, that is, I originally thought that the local Chinese New Year can avoid the trouble of handing out red envelopes later found that I think may be more beautiful than I look at least in previous years can also put on a “don’t tear the bus,Give children “drama after all bring is really don’t want to give this year is really want to pour to send WeChat messages red envelope money didn’t interview didn’t hear well I also not so stingy person is one thing I am puzzled why give money to those three or four years old children not to spend money rather than just give me the baby? I will spend money and lack of money that is work hard just for a whole yearOn year-end bonuses are used to package the bonus wit nor am I hadn’t thought of countermeasures such as I thought of my uncle want a red envelope, after all, is now in the first month but when I angrily to me uncle sent WeChat messages only to find that he had predicted that early I give I blocked not the kui is I jiu force of lifetime on “seize the bamboo shoots” depressed I glanced at the calendar oh day have no unique person today but on the roadFive This is a good day must be a whole set of “big action” after all, this year I can “turn over” success or failure is at this stroke.But after the fifth these taboos can relieve! This is fifth day is called “break five” and in that day “to meet the god of wealth” is a “big” in people’s mind as well as speak not dark hemp slip to study the following method to “god of fortune” welcomed into the home on the evening of 4 ready to sacrifice, pastry, incense and other items such as zero point one to start gong drum incense to worship offeringHave sheep head and carp sheep head represents the “auspicious” carp “fish” and “yu” harmonics is a symbol of “happy more than” and “more than” year after year finished these can be prepared for “wealth” oh want to “god of fortune” please clean up the home to home always said there is an argument without taking out the trash or before the fifth day the “blessing” are made but it didn’tThe fifth they can pour out the trash and kind of meaning on the fifth day is called “send off” well down a rubbish next year may need not have credit card? According to legend, the fifth day is the birthday of the god of wealth so many businessmen will choose “open” on this day it is said that the “opening” on one day no matter what business finances will be particularly prosperous year type are hoping to see today a day in the early dayFive day to eat dumplings should not only eat also make dumplings commonly known as “pinched little mouth” of the dumplings with hand once back to knead it is said that the people around them so that we can avoid gossip around the custom of the festival is a big difference in a lot of customs with the feudal superstition color but no matter what it represents everyone is yearning for a better life but to highlight!!!!!!On this day, if only to meet the god of wealth that I can only say that the much-anticipated Beijing Olympics has been opened today, the most important thing is that is a must for our Olympic athletes refueling ah, of course, also hope that all athletes can get good grades in the Olympics left good memories at the same time also to show the world the Olympic spirit of light (the last I have a question want to ask youIs there a family group?It doesn’t matter if you want to watch the Winter Olympic Games with you as a family

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