“Wearing other people’s clothes was a shadow of my childhood.” Are old clothes so destructive?

“Dabao is very fast. The clothes she wore six months ago don’t fit anymore. It fits Dabao.”Lin Lin, a mother of two, tells us about her frugality when talking about how her children grow too fast and buy clothes too often.And Lin Lin also kindly asked our other parents, “We have a lot of children’s clothes left at home, do you want to take back for their own children to wear?”The parents directly refused Lin Lin’s kindness, because the parents think, although the child’s age is small, but the child’s heart is also particularly sensitive.If at this critical stage, parents always dress their children in other people’s leftover clothes, it may have a negative effect on the children.Many parents may not understand, because children grow too fast when they are young, so there is no need to buy new clothes for each stage of the child, as long as the child is comfortable and good-looking, it is clearly a good thing, how can it hurt the child?First, to wear old clothes for children, it is likely to affect the children’s aesthetic and vision now this society is to look at the level of society, so we have very requirements for their appearance and dress.Children are no exception. After children enter the age of five, they gradually have a cognition of their own image, and they will also have self-aesthetic requirements for their daily dress and hair style.However, because old clothes that have been separated for several years are likely to be outdated in style and color, and the style and style are not necessarily what children like, if parents blindly let their children wear old clothes, it is likely to affect their children’s aesthetic level.So when parents choose old clothes for children, they can eliminate those clothes that children do not like, and let children take the initiative to choose their favorite clothes. In the selection process, they gradually shape their aesthetic vision and self-choice ability.Two, always pick up the clothes worn by others, it is likely to affect the child’s self-esteem children also have self-esteem, if the child has been wearing other people’s old clothes when they are young, it is likely to cause a childhood shadow on the child, let their inner self-esteem deeply hit.And when the child thought is not mature, pay special attention to the views of others.If I always wear my old clothes, I may feel frustrated because of what my classmates and children say.Three, always wear old clothes will make a child’s self-worth reduce if parents are always with a “will do” mentality raising a child, the child will naturally derived a kind of special inferior values, they will and desire to own request, feel no need to request a new, good, perfect, everything is just make do make do.Such children are more likely to have low self-worth later in life, which is a sign of low self-esteem.If a person has no self-confidence, his future work and study arrangements and plans will certainly be negative.We can understand the thrifty mentality of parents who let their children wear second-hand clothes, but it is more important than thrift to not let children shape distorted values.So parents can explain to children why children wear second-hand clothes on the reason to protect the child’s self-esteem, timely attention to the children’s inner emotional changes and their thoughts.Disclaimer: All the photos are from Instagram, and the blogger is @kidzootd. If you have your own unique insight into parenting, or have encountered a problem that makes you feel confused, feel free to discuss it

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