Under the new era, how should Shanxi transform after all?

I don’t know if There is any possibility of more point-like development in Shanxi. Taiyuan’s geographical location determines that it can only survive in the gap between the east and west mountains.As the seat of Jinzhong city government, Yuci can not really integrate with Taiyuan, overall planning and symbiotic development.Before the epidemic, I had the honor to visit Shanxi and found that the traffic situation there was very serious. For example, some of my friends living in The twin cities of Yuci, Taiyuan, had a hard time going to work every day. The traffic jam on Taiyu Road was as bad as that between Beijing and Yanjiao.I wonder what’s going on now.This is true of Taiyuan as a provincial city, and it’s hard to imagine other cities…That’s why yuncheng people go to Xi ‘an, Jincheng people go to Henan, datong people go to Beijing.In short, taiyuan, as a provincial capital, has not assumed its due responsibilities and has not attracted enough tourists within the province.As a result, the outflow of talents from shanxi is very serious. If Shanxi continues to develop in this conventional mode, it will be difficult not to reverse.Actually from this you can see, hubei, sichuan earlier years the province’s largest single model of development, is quite correct, now in wuhan and chengdu have been developed, at present already entered the stage of regurgitation feeding, such as hubei xiangyang, yibin, sichuan earlier this year also had more significant projects collective opening ceremony, even too liangshan district recently spoke by train,Let’s hope that in the future Shanxi will regain the glory it has enjoyed for thousands of years.

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