The unfortunate life of “Princess Sissi” : discord between her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, her son’s suicide and assassination

In 1988, The Shanghai Film Translation Studio translated the 1955 German-Austrian film Sissi into Chinese, which caused a sensation.The love story of the princess and the emperor on the screen, coupled with the beautiful scenery of Austria and Hungary, made the audience yearn for the distant Austria.In particular, romi Schneider, who plays the female lead Princess Sissi, and Karlheinz Bohm, who plays the male lead Emperor Franz of Austria, make people wide eyed and afraid to miss any beautiful scenes.Another important reason why Chinese audiences still miss Sissi more than 30 years later is the excellent dubbing by Shanghai Film Translation Studio.Princess Sissi is voiced by Ding Jianhua, while Emperor Franz is voiced by Shi Rong, who has a “red voice”.Ding Jianhua was the voice of Zhenmei in Manhunt, and Shi Rong was the voice of a handsome young man in many translated films.Ding Jianhua and Shi Rong reenact the princess and emperor on the screen with their voices.To this day, I can feel the beauty, innocence and artless of Princess Sissi with her voice, and feel the handsome and elegant demeanor of Emperor Franz.”Sissi” is a total of three, including “Sissi”, “The Young Queen”, “The Fate of the Queen”.Princess Sissi was the empress of Austria for 44 years and was the pride of the Austrian people.Princess Sissi is not only famous for her outstanding appearance, but also for her role as a diplomatic envoy, who resolved the conflict between Austria and Hungary and won the love of the Hungarian people for her efforts in the process of Austria and Hungary forming a dualistic empire.The movie Sissi played an important role as a spiritual pillar in Germany’s economic recovery after World War II.After the war, Germany was sanctioned by the victors, fascism was spurned by the people of the world, Sissi Princess became the pride of the German people.Some people will say, princess Sissi is not the empress of Austria, and Germany what relationship?For those of you who have studied history, Austria used to be part of the German Empire, a state of Germany.To complete the unification of Germany, Prussia, the largest state, was the center.Prussian chancellor Otto Von Bismarck’s “iron policy” to expel Austria from the German state began in 1866.Sissi was born in Bavaria, which is also a German state.Does it feel a little messy?This is what happened in modern Europe. There was no European unification and Germany was unified very late.What we see in movies is a touching love story between a princess and an emperor, but actually, in history, Princess Sissi was ill-fated.Not as happy as in the movies.She was born the day before Christmas in 1837 in Bavaria, Germany, and was influenced by her populist father at an early age.Indeed, like the first film, in 1853, Princess Sissi’s mother and aunt —- the Empress mother of Austria, want to kiss and kiss, on the blind date that day, Princess Sissi did not deliberately dress up, is to go out with her mother to play.The aunt was supposed to be Sissi’s sister, Princess Helene, also known as Nenai in the film.Instead, Emperor Franz presented flowers to sissi, who was only 15 years old and barely 1.6 meters tall.It could be love at first sight.In 1854, Emperor Franz of the Austrian Empire married Princess Sissi in a grand ceremony.Princess Sissi is 16 years old.After marriage, Princess Sissi had to face a common relationship and deal with the same problem as Chinese daughters-in-law: the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.Princess Sissi grew up in a free environment. Her father advocated freedom and did not like to be constrained.Sissi inherited her father’s tradition in her bones.Princess Sissi was born lively, active and spontaneous.But the red tape of the Habsburg house of Austria gave Sissi a headache.Sophie, her mother-in-law and aunt, makes almost harsh demands on Sissi.The first is strict court protocol.Including reception etiquette, table manners, class manners and so on.Every aspect is strictly regulated, strictly stylized, and cannot be violated in the slightest.This makes princess Sissi, who is accustomed to freedom and unfettered, miserable.He was forced to accept a court protocol he hated.Second, the custody of the children.Ten months after princess Sissi married Emperor Franz, she gave birth to princess Sissi’s baby —-.Sissi’s mother-in-law, Empress Dowager Sophie, named her granddaughter —- Sophie without sissi’s consent.And over Sissi’s objections, the baby is to be brought up by her, The Dowager Empress Sophie, on the grounds that sissi is a child herself and a “stupid young man”.With the prejudice and dissatisfaction of qianqian before marriage, qianqian’s right to breast-feed and take care of her daughter’s power deprived.Cece crying in front of Emperor Franz didn’t help.Cece was only 17, but she was already a mother.Women’s innate maternal love in Sisi overflow, but the child was forcibly taken away by her mother-in-law.As a mother, Cece’s heart was broken.But Cissy was no match for the queen mother’s mother-in-law.Like aggrieved daughters-in-law in China, Cece could only express her displeasure by returning to her parents’ home.The emperor himself traveled to Cece’s native Bavaria to take her back to the Austrian palace.Cece had no idea that her mother-in-law, the empress dowager, was competing with her for emperor Franz.This is similar to the conflict between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law in China.Not only did she try to deprive Cece of her first child, but a year later, after the birth of her second daughter, The Empress Dowager Sophie took her second daughter gisela away from her.Broke Cece’s heart again.As the Empress dowager of the Austrian Empire, Sophie and the Traditional Chinese old lady, the same love grandchild!Sissy gave birth to two princesses in succession, which is the “girl film” in the eyes of Chinese old ladies. Empress Dowager Sophie was in an urgent mood, leaving no stone unturned to let Sissy give birth to an heir to the Habsburg family.So the empress dowager deliberately left sissi note: “The queen’s duty is to deliver the heir to the throne.If the Queen had not borne a son, she would have been only a foreigner in this country, and a very dangerous one at that.Cece herself had a special desire to give birth to an heir to the throne for her beloved emperor Franz.Perhaps the heart of Sissy moved heaven, in August 1858 sissy gave birth to the Austrian Empire mother-in-law Sophie empress Dowager long expected empire successor —– Rudolf.In this way, Sissy’s status in the Austrian palace rose.As in China, it is mother who values children.The misfortune of Sisi’s life is not entirely the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.Because the Empress dowager died in 1867.Losing her daughter in her early years and losing her son in her later years, Princess Sissi experienced great pain in her life. Her daughter and son died before her.1857 Princess Sissi and Emperor Franz visited Hungary.Unlike her mother-in-law Sophie, Cece loves Hungary, its beautiful scenery and its people.It was during this trip that Cece’s two daughters developed diarrhea.The second daughter, Gisela, made a quick recovery.The eldest daughter, Sophie, grew weaker and weaker, and finally left the world she had lived in for only two years.This gave young Cici a great blow, almost unbearable pain.This also left a shadow on Cece’s life, cece also suffered from depression.Cece also stopped insisting on custody of her second daughter, Gisela.Leave the second daughter in the care of the empress dowager’s mother-in-law.Mother and daughter grew estranged.The death of Cece’s son, Prince Rudolph, was a greater pain for Cece.Cece’s second daughter is of average intelligence but in good health.Rudolph, on the other hand, was physically weak but intellectually superior.She was conversing in four languages by the age of five.In Rudolf’s education, Cici and her husband have a conflict, the emperor Franz needs is a strong body, iron will heir.The emperor found an instructor in the army when Rudolf was six years old and carried out strict military training for Rudolf.As a result, a year later, Rudolph did not improve physically and became more timid.Sissy and the emperor put forward a serious protest, no longer allowed her husband to rudolph the court needs military training, Sissy to their son anti-court education.Rudolph recovered physically, but it also removed prince Rudolph from court culture.At the end of January 1889, Sissy’s son Rudolph shot himself in a hotel with a lover.One reason is the indifference of her mother, Cece.Rudolf was eccentric, lonely and afraid of court life.The tradition in Europe at that time was marriage between kingdoms.Rudolf married the princess of Belgium.Under normal circumstances, the prince and princess are supposed to be perfectly happy.But Rudolf’s love affair with the Belgian princess did not last.Rudolf even went so far as to divorce the Belgian princess, but Rudolf’s request was firmly opposed by the emperor.Rudolph began to drink, became more depressed, and began to have affairs.In 1888, Rudolph met Mary, who was 17 and not very noble at that time. Rudolph proposed to commit suicide together and leave the world.Mary, 17, agreed.With two shots, Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria died.The dignified heir to the Austrian throne committed suicide.Rudolph had discussed suicide with another mistress before, but the mistress refused.Now that there was a girl willing to die with him, Rudolph decided to shoot.Rudolph’s suicide dealt Cece another major blow.From the day of Rudolph’s suicide, Cece’s spirit had gone with her son, leaving only the body.After that, Cece only wore black to go out.A mother was deeply grieved by her son’s death.Is he confessing his lack of care for Rudolph, the lack of affection between mother and son?Did you hate Austrian court education?Hate the Emperor for not granting Rudolph a divorce?I don’t know.In fact, Alizi think his Belgian princess identity daughter-in-law did not bring happiness to his son Rudolf, Alizi do not like the Belgian princess.It was the same as when my aunt Sophie didn’t like me.So some say that Rudolph’s death was directly related to Cece’s mother.Cece was abused by her mother-in-law and now has a strained relationship with her own daughter-in-law.After the death of her son in 1889, Cici was keen to travel around Europe to see the beautiful scenery in order to relieve her inner tears.Like her father, Cissy enjoys horseback riding, swimming and writing poetry.Sissi long period of discord with the emperor’s husband together, in order to comfort her husband, Sissi ignored the emperor’s husband around many mistresses.Cece was assassinated in Switzerland nine years after her son Rudolf committed suicide.On September 10, 1898, Cece prepared to leave Geneva, Switzerland, with her servant.As they were walking slowly out of the hotel towards the dock, an Italian anarchist named Lucchini, who was desperate to be famous in the world, drew near Cisi and stabbed her in the chest with an awl.Because the weapon was so thin and sharp, Cece didn’t even feel any pain and thought the man was trying to grab her watch.Cece was even able to get up from her fall and walk to her boat.Then he fell down.A servant beside him found tiny blood spots on Cece’s chest.Because Luchini stabbed Cece right in the heart.Sissy is dead.News of Cece’s death spread to Austria, where there was national mourning.The assassination of their beloved queen, who had never done anything wrong in her life, had been good and beautiful all her life, and was the pride of Austria.The killer, Luchini, killed himself in 1919.Luchine gets his wish: he will make his mark in history by assassinating Cece.When Sissy’s husband, Emperor Franz of Austria, heard the news of her death, he was so sad that he said, “You will never know how much I loved her.”Sissi, in the movie we saw, is beautiful, lively, and a diplomat, defusing Austria and Italy.Austria and Hungary.After the founding of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1867, she became queen of Hungary.And got all the love of the handsome emperor.In the real world, Sissi has a tense relationship with her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and suffers from depression. She lost her daughter in her early years and her only son in her later years, and was assassinated by a “madman” who wanted to be “famous”.A tragic life.It should be added that Sisi’s emperor husband Franz, while ruling the Austro-Hungarian Empire, took part in the eight-power Allied Forces’ invasion of China in 1900.Need to add the second point is that after Rudolf suicide, Austria have no heir to the throne, he can only choose his nephew Ferdinand for the crown prince, also is the princess of Ferdinand and in June 1914, in sarajevo assassination of Serbia, became the fuse of the first world war – sarajevo assassination.The third thing to add is that Emperor Franz, encouraged by the German emperor, declared war on Serbia, and world War I broke out.Franz was 84 at the time.By 1916, in the midst of world War I, Franz had died at the age of 86.Do you still miss Princess Sissi when you die?

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