Shanxi Lantian Property Management Co., Ltd. was punished for failing to rectify the parking of electric vehicles in the corridor

According to Credit China, The legal representative of Shanxi Lantian Property Management Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Lantian Property) is Zhu Sheng.After inspection, there are still parked electric cars in the corridor not timely rectification, in violation of the “high-rise civil building fire safety management provisions” article 37, paragraph 1.According to the “high-rise civil building fire safety management provisions” article 47 seventh.Jinzhong Yuci District fire rescue brigade (administrative penalty decision no. Yu (xiao) line penalty No. (2021) 0125), fined 5000 yuan.From the notification of illegal facts, the punishment authorities mentioned that “the inspection still exists in the corridor parking electric vehicles not timely rectification” behavior.Is the property company does not pay attention to safety problems, or the owners do not cooperate, why yuci district fire and rescue brigade in the daily inspection, has been proposed or reminded, check again there is still not timely rectification situation?Fire safety is related to the life safety of all owners, owners should consciously not let the electric car upstairs, storage in the designated electric car storage place.At the same time, property companies should also strengthen inspection, multi-channel actively promote fire safety, so that fire safety knowledge into every owner.According to the owners of the community, because of the problem of motor vehicles parking in the fire passageway, many owners in the property group repeatedly complained, has not been solved.Last year, I complained to 12345 and the fire and rescue brigade. The property staff could only paste a reminder (no parking in the fire passageway) on the motor vehicles. The fire and rescue brigade also came to check for many times, but the effect was not good.In addition, According to Credit China, Lantian Property has charged a total of 34,710 yuan (10 yuan per book, three books per family, 30 yuan per family) from 1,157 owners since it began to provide property services.According to jinzhong city price bureau, jinzhong city housing and urban and rural construction bureau of jinzhong city residential property management service charges guidance prices notice (jin pipe word [2014] no. 118) file regulation: “realty service enterprise after a service charge of decoration, and not for any reason to owner (user) and the relevant personnel to collect other fees”.Their behavior violates the provisions of article 12 of the “price law”, is of high market supervision and administration according to article 9 of the “price illegal administrative penalties”, “price law of the People’s Republic of China” article 39, administrative penalty approval document: jinzhong city supervisor of team is sent [2021] no. 80, shall be reported to the company;A fine of 17,355 yuan.The types of illegal behaviors are other behaviors of not implementing government-guided prices and government-set prices.

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