Qingming small long holiday open, surrounding self-driving travel to choose what car

Qingming festival is coming, in addition to the tradition of returning to the hometown to worship ancestors, is also a good time for family outing.It is better to take advantage of the holiday, bring the whole family or about three or five friends, go out together for an outing or a short road trip, breathe the fresh air in the countryside, see the beautiful scenery along the way, enjoy a moment of leisure time.No matter who you go out with, a comfortable car is essential. It can not only bring convenience for your travel, but also become a ZJ background plate for your travel.The RHOMb PLUS travel version is such a big seven-seat MPV that can meet all your travel needs, and it will become your first choice for family outing.Compared with other large seven-seat MPV models at the same level, RHOMb PLUS Travel version is also suitable for young people to drive freely. It has to be said that rhomb PLUS travel version has a smart appearance, crystal drill eagle eye headlights, smooth body lines and radians, simple and dynamic as a whole, and reveals the atmosphere.Z The important thing is that the upgraded RISHI PLUS travel version provides four customized car colors of “spring breeze green, summer dream blue, autumn red, winter songqing”, which can also become the scenery on the road for personal travel.The overall space of the vehicle is often the key to winning the election for family travel. The space performance of RHOMb PLUS travel is remarkable. With an ultra-long wheelbase of 3198mm and a wide body of 1920mmZ, it has certain advantages in terms of length and wheelbase, ensuring the comfort of the whole vehicle.Flexible 7/9 seat space design, coupled with soft, wide seats, even the back seat can also have a good leg support, a few people sitting in the car can be very comfortable.In addition, thanks to ling wisdom the wheelbase version PLUS travel close to 3 meters, PLUS it is flexible changed layout mode, make the back and boot space is very rich, to adjust the layout of the rear position, can also further expand the boot space, the car more storage space, the journey can cope with all kinds of scattered small objects, enough to easily fit the family travel supplies.Outing travel, in the user’s driving experience is more and more important at the moment, the level of appearance space may be important, but with the leading level of the configuration will be more surprising.Rz PLUS travel edition also has 360 degree rotating leather seats, double-side sliding doors, elevating integral Windows, advanced privacy glass, luxury Windows, library level NVH, overhead rear air conditioning, Nestle EPS system and other luxurious configuration, which is rare in the same class.This way, the RHOMb PLUS travel edition will be a great companion for your family on long distance road trips.The power aspect is also very interesting. The RHOMb PLUS travel edition is equipped with a 2.0L Atkinson cycle engine, which has high thermal efficiency and brings strong push-back feeling while reducing fuel consumption.The price of 100,000 level is also very cost-effective in the market, which is very suitable for ordinary working income second-child families.In the post-epidemic era, self-driving trips with less contact and privacy are also popular with people.On the whole, Lingzhi PLUS travel edition is commendable in appearance, space, design and other aspects. In this colorful spring day, Lingzhi PLUS travel edition will be a good choice for you. I believe it will bring you a new and unparalleled driving experience.After Z, it is also suggested that you plan your holiday schedule in advance, choose niche tourist attractions as far as possible, and avoid congested roads or wrong peak trips.

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