Lantern Festival lanterns, joy continues

The bustle of the Spring Festival has not gone, the Lantern Festival is coming with impatient steps, the Spring Festival has not had enough friends, we continue the Lantern Festival!When it comes to the Lantern Festival, it will be mentioned that the lanterns in different shapes all light up the night of the Lantern Festival.That it is hard not to think of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics the YiZhanZhan pigeons lamp, look at that panda modelling, I wonder if small koehler Lantern Festival this year have the opportunity to have “with” ~ of course, the Lantern Festival is the most important still is on the fifteenth day of the night, around colorful lights with relatives or family friends, eat dumplings, watch the bright moon TianNuo…This “flower market lights like day” scenery, should be the “soul” of the core of the festival.As February 15 approaches, the question becomes: How should we celebrate the Lantern Festival?Today, the little Koehler specially looked for “outside support”, with everyone to unlock a few friendly “Yuanxiao 100 scenes”.Pay attention!People in Shanghai will celebrate the Lantern Festival in Yuyuan Garden. If you go to the street and catch someone, the first guide for the Lantern Festival will be: Go to Yuyuan Garden and see the lanterns!This year’s yuyuan Garden lights up to welcome the “heavenly official blessing”.South Pole old man, grain cowherd, day sun Zhinv, zhang Xian, Zengfu god of wealth……These “heavenly officials” will be as a surprise “arrival” blessed land, with everyone to celebrate the Lantern Festival.Walking casually in the Yuyuan Garden, you will also randomly “drop” Suzhou embroidery, paper cutting, shadow play, western mirror, movable type printing and other more than 30 experience items, which can be described as both appearance level, and connotation, the atmosphere of the Lantern Festival is full, even participated in decades of yuyuan Garden senior “old yuyuan garden people” are full of praise.”Oh, there are a lot of flower heads in Yuyuan Garden in recent years, and I don’t go there often in recent years. It’s quite interesting to see.I used to see a lamp, but now I can see so many people in vain.””I don’t have that deep impression of the yuyuan Garden before, but I still remember the scene of old people pulling rabbit lanterns on the streets during the Lantern Festival.””I still remember how the rabbit lamp works,” he said.You take a piece of bamboo and make two loops and string them together, like a rabbit’s arched back…Then cut the white paper into strips and stick them to the top, which is rabbit hair.There must be red candles in the lamp, and then they will drag them all the way down the street with a lot of people. It’s so noisy.”A neighbor surnamed Zhang, who is no. 2 outside support, said, It was a long time ago when candles were lit. At that time, we did not need to install candles by ourselves, and we could buy plastic ones on the street.Ha ha, at that time, there was no other material in our house, so my dad took apart some useless wooden hangers and made a five-pointed star lamp with a small bulb inside.To tell you, walking on the road, surrounded by a group of peers, now think of the feeling quite miss.”The Lantern Festival is a little sweet, the most important thing is to eat tangyuan.Having seen the Lantern Festival in Yuyuan Garden, why not slow down and taste the tangyuan in yuyuan Garden’s unique Ningbo dumpling shop?As the “top stream” of the Lantern Festival in yu Garden, it must have a name.The traditional black crispy glutinous rice balls and crab-meat dumplings are favorites of Shanghainese, especially reassuring because they are hand-wrapped and can be seen in front of the shop.Of course, there are “off the beaten track” new flavours such as durian dumplings, which young people who love early adopters are willing to challenge.Some people buy durian dumplings and bring along a durian-flavored eight-treasure rice to make a happy New Year.But for the older generation, what is always traditional is unforgettable.”When it comes to the sweet dumplings of the past, I only remember Meixin dumplings.””No. 3 off-site support,” an old woman, cannot help but recall the taste, “Black crispy, fresh meat…It’s real, I can’t tell you anything else, but I love it.”Old woman said then showed a look of memory: “before living in the lane, our family and neighbors together pooled money to buy a water mill, a Lantern Festival on the glutinous rice flour to make dumplings.What is water mill?Made of stone, different from the general grinding it has a hole, in the grinding time to a spoonful of water……Well, I don’t know, it was a feature of our time.”My uncle also added, “Water mill is the practice in Ningbo. Jiangsu people like dry mill, while Shanghai people eat more rice balls with water mill.Not only the glutinous rice flour, but also the black pastry…At that time, tangyuan must have been better made at home.I still remember how to make black pastry, black sesame, suet and sugar. It tastes delicious after being ground.”Aunt and uncle finally reached a consensus: “I tell you, tang Yuan or black ocean crisp delicious, now those weird dumplings are not this classic.”The Lantern Festival is very simple for the older generation, which is to go to the Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival, eat glutinous rice balls with the family, and take the lantern to the street in the evening, so the night passed in a busy atmosphere.”Before the Lantern Festival is relatively simple, in fact, the atmosphere is still noisy.”But now, the Lantern Festival “pattern” more and more, the choice of nature is more and more.In this Lantern Festival night, there are a lot of niche “treasure ground”, let you wander in this Lantern Festival.For example, you may be surprised by the encounter between Chinese fashion and Western architecture, but Shanghai Sun Suo can satisfy your imagination.Tang Fengmen head, Chinese lantern, Tang Chaoyue dance modeling lights, Q version of Tang IP image art installation……With a quick pat, you are the “king of thumbs up” in moments!Maybe you’d like to see the National Tide Lantern Fair?Hongqiao Nanfeng City is coming.The intensive lanterns at the event brought a thriving momentum, the eyes are gorgeous lanterns, unique lanterns, Chinese style arch bridge……Festive elements fill the whole space, here quietly make a Lantern Festival wish, maybe you will come true oh ~ perhaps you have a special liking for traditional culture?Then, be sure to come to Fengjing Ancient Town to experience the story-filled atmosphere created by the lights.You can also take a stroll along The South Street and see the lights projecting a variety of delicate paper-cut works to feel the influence of culture.I want to see every Lantern Festival in China.So the Shanghai World Expo Cultural Park Shenyuan “on the lamp,” Shenyuan Palace lamp show know about?There are more than 50 pieces of intangible heritage palace lanterns from Suzhou, Beijing, Henan and Guangzhou, which make you feast your eyes and get closer to the pulse of history. In the flickering light, you can taste the artistic light left by time.Of course, no matter how many beautiful scenery of yuanxiao, do not linger on.In this full moon night, the most moving is actually a simple “come back soon, cooked dumplings will wait for you.”Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival, so the little Koehler here in advance to congratulate everyone happy Lantern Festival, life is just like the Lantern Festival moon and tangyuan, happy!What is a “Kelemen”?Kelemen is a cultural salon to discover, create and deliver beauty in Shanghai.

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