Does spleen deficiency give birth to dampness and phlegm?Xiao Fang zi 4 herbs, tonifying qi and spleen, eliminating phlegm and removing dampness, helping you eliminate phlegm and dampness

In the life, have a lot of people to have this kind of circumstance, always cough, feel throat has phlegm, and the phlegm that cough gives priority to still mostly with white stick phlegm, quality of a material is clearer also, basically be to spit phlegm out hind, differ meeting had again, why can appear this kind of circumstance?In Dr. Shen’s opinion, most of these cases are caused by poor health of the spleen.The so-called spleen main transport, transport of water, grain and moisture, if the spleen and stomach are damaged because of diet, emotional discomfort and other reasons, the transport function is weak, resulting in wet water can not be discharged, gathered in the body, condensed into phlegm.Phlegm remains in the body after formation, with the rise and fall of air, it is easy to come to the lung, which is also what we say “the spleen is the source of phlegm, and the lung is the device of phlegm storage”.Sputum stopped in the lung is wheezing cough phlegm, chest stuffy, and the throat is also the lung, so it will show the throat phlegm, uncomfortable;Stop in the spleen and stomach, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue.What should I do?In the book synopsis of the Golden chamber, it was recorded that if the spleen and stomach produce sputum, it should be invigorated first.Today I will share with you four drugs to strengthen the spleen, remove dampness, phlegm, respectively pinellia ternata, tangerine peel, Tuckahoe, prepared licorice, let’s analyze the role.First of all, tangerine peel and pinellia, tangerine peel, warm, its spleen and phlegm, can help the spleen up, spleen is no phlegm.And tangerine peel can eliminate the source of phlegm;Pinellia pinellia is a good medicine for phlegm, it is very strong character, can turn the phlegm, and pinellia pinellia can also reduce qi, it can promote the phlegm in the body to go out, with tangerine peel, the two can enhance the effect of eliminating dampness phlegm.Then add poria cocos and prepared licorice, poria cocos, as we all know, it is the master of dispelling dampness and improving water, the excess waste water in the body is discharged through the form of urine, and Poria cocos can also help pinellia tangerine peel restore the function of spleen and stomach, strengthen the function of dispelling dampness and reducing phlegm.Prepared glycyrrhiza is used to nourish the spleen and stomach directly and supplement the body fluid, qi and blood of the spleen and stomach.All in all, the four herbs shared with you today can be used together to nourish qi and spleen, eliminate phlegm and remove dampness.It can not only solve the problem of weakness of spleen deficiency, but also enhance the phlegm-dampness metabolism, which has a good effect on the phlegm-dampness produced by spleen deficiency.Did you get it?If you are phlegm-dampness constitution, then might as well collect reference!

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