“Ding Dong” you have a new message from Qingdao Children’s Welfare Institute Special Education School

Peninsula all media reporter Hao Chunmei welcomed the New Year with great joy.The Spring Festival is a traditional festival, the most solemn of the Chinese nation in order to better inheriting the excellent traditional culture, make the special children’s understanding of “Spring Festival”, to experience the happy atmosphere of the festival, feel the warmth of family, a home for Qingdao welfare home special-education schools organize “happy holidays, wish date fu” Spring Festival theme education practice.A month into the beginning of the “busy year”, the children in the special education teachers under the leadership of learning years of common knowledge, cleaning, decoration of the classroom, the bedroom, the production of Chinese New Year food, paste the word fu, cut window, do firecrackers, eat dumplings, take red envelopes, the United States over the New Year!Child child you don’t greedy, after laba is years;Laba gruel, straggling along for a few days;23, sweet melon sticky, sweet honey – the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, also known as “xiao Nian”, the folk tradition of offering sacrifices to the kitchen, sweeping dust, eating sweet melon, we have many things.Special education teachers explain the history, legends and customs of the Spring Festival to children in class, and lead children to know and share the taste of tangmelon, so that children experience the sweetness of life, full of yearning for a better future.Twenty-four, sweep the house, new face – New Year’s Day, the home without cleaning, teachers and children together to clean the classroom, dressed up, pasted window, hang lanterns, put on the tiger and other festive decorations, and the children together to create a happy atmosphere of the New Year.25, sing songs, happy New Year – “Happy New Year, happy New Year, happy New Year to everyone!”Children with young voice, learn to sing New Year ballads with the teacher, learn the New Year’s customs to celebrate the Spring Festival, understand the songs about the Spring Festival, sing the children’s happiness and joy.Twenty-six, hang firecrackers, really lively – do firecrackers, find fun;Hang firecrackers, really lively.”Firecrackers sound, the flavor of the New Year”, the teacher led the children to listen to the sound of firecrackers, understand the origin of the meaning of “exorception”, understand the environmental protection requirements of the ban, since childhood to be a small environmental protection guard.Teachers and children make small hand-made firecrackers together, and hang long firecrackers at the door of the classroom to make the whole campus filled with peace and warmth.Twenty-seven, paste the word “fu”, “Fu” – Chinese New Year paste the word “fu”, meaning “blessing”, good and happiness.The teacher led the children to write “fu”, expand “fu”, together with the noisy paste “fu”, each fu word is full of deep blessing, wish the children a full of happiness in the future.28, Steamed bread, delicious – The Spring Festival is inseparable from food, teachers and children together to make the traditional food of the Spring Festival date steamed bread, and share the food to the children’s welfare home “mom and dad”.Looking at the steamed buns made by themselves, the children were happy and happy. They also felt the joy of sharing and the fun of labor, and also tasted the strong flavor of the New Year.29, over the New Year, send blessings – “Tong Yan tong language send blessings, sincerely with tong Xing.”As the Spring Festival is approaching, the children of the special education school send their New Year wishes to everyone around them by taking photos, recording videos and sending gifts.On New Year’s Eve and welcome the New Year, children sit and eat dumplings to welcome the Year of the Tiger.The children also received their own “New Year red envelopes” filled with New Year’s greetings, wishing them peace and happiness throughout the year!”A hundred knots, the new peach for the old symbol.”The theme of this educational practice activity is the traditional festival “Spring Festival”. Through a series of colorful activities, the children show the charm of traditional Chinese culture, let them feel the broad and profound inheritance of the Chinese nation, deepen their gratitude to their families, love for the Spring Festival, and look forward to the future.The students of the special education school are the children intensively supported by the welfare institutions. They live and study in the school all year round, accompanied by the nurses, teachers and staff. They are the “parents” of the children, and their company throughout the year is the most trustworthy family.On the arrival of the New Year, while enjoying the warmth of our families, we also wish a happy New Year to all the frontline staff serving children’s welfare and special education.Wish the year of the tiger “blessing, sweet, reunion to!”Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)

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