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Author: “the sky snow wind” foreword in this paper, the core purpose, to explore some professional version of 110 stone battle weapon and armor bonus system skills overlap part of the content, at the same time analysis to protect the stone, the decisive battle weapon on the same skills form/damage change conflicting or achievement of each part (due to the length is longer than the original text, this paper involves the professional:Paladin, Lance, blood mage) since the new planning notes point out that there may be a balance on the values of decisive weapons in the future, so this discussion will be based on the values revealed before February 5th, and some personal feelings are mixed in the scoring, just for reference;Because some classes did not announce the final battle weapon skill change demonstration, so I will use words to express the guess, if the subsequent update has any mistakes, please forgive me.Battle weapon and armor stone attribute profile (male) (male) paladin paladin battle weapon and justice trial [] to protect the stone/justice to protect the stone attribute demo profile: battle weapon properties of 1 light blade deleted] [justice trial skills and spear attack, change to launch 10 1600% light blade root apply damage of the justice of a gun, leveled off skill damage structure;Attribute 2 cancels the use of normal attacks by using the Judgment of Justice skill, which is just a bit of a bonus.For stone protection, this ability has been improved by reducing the number of light blade attacks and greatly increasing the damage power of the last spear.Conclusion: In terms of the description of the final battle weapon and the Trace of Light: The Judgment of Michael, carrying both at the same time is somewhat conflicting.The final battle weapon’s damage structure is 10 segments of the same damage and eliminates the final spear attack, while the shield focuses its damage on the last segment of the spear attack.When carried at the same time, the protective stone may not be used properly.The solution is simple, the Armageddon weapon increases the amount of damage done to the judgment of Justice skill (the total damage done without the stone blade is half of the total damage done to the judgment of Justice skill), so you can drop the Trace of Light: Michelle’s Judgment and use another stone to improve the form of the judgment skill.Of course, some players may prefer to speed up the performance of the stone in favor of a standard weapon, which is a matter of opinion.[详 细 介 绍] [详 细 介 绍] [详 细 介 绍] [详 细 介 绍] [详 细 介 绍]When equipped with a decisive weapon and in the improved Black Thunder state, [Rain of Falling Eclipse] magic gun will fall at the same time, and an additional huge magic gun, greatly speeding up the performance and burst ability of skills;When equipped with Mark of Light: Fiery Black Thunder, you can extend the duration of the magic gun, increase its fall area, increase the number of magic guns by 2, and use the Eclipse ability to detonate the magic gun when all the magic guns land.Although this shield is the one with the highest damage improvement for the lancer, it can only be discarded in most cases due to its long performance time and the monster’s strong mobility.Conclusion: The decisive battle weapon and the protective stone are complementary to each other. The protective stone increases the number of magic guns, which can be detonated by hand but can only be detonated after all the magic guns fall.When buffed, the decisive weapon can drop all magic guns at the same time, making up for the slow damage of the shield.It also has one of the highest damage gains of any Armageddon weapon.Blood mage Blood mage Decisive Battle weapon and [Prison blood Eat], [Bloody Purgatory] stone properties [Blood eat], [bloody purgatory] stone properties demo summary:When carrying a decisive battle weapon, the Blood mage can accumulate blood source eye points, which increases by 2 points when using purgatory Blood Bite, and costs 1 point when using Bloody Hunt and Bloody Purgatory.The doom weapon has significantly improved the release speed and cooldown of the Hellblood Devour ability, as well as improved skill form and increased skill damage by 50% for Bloodhunt, Bloodpurgatory and Deathpurgatory when consuming Bloodsource eye.The bite of black blood] to protect the stone itself [prison] of the bloody bite skills form and damage are improved obviously, so it is belong to the current version and one of future versions will take to protect the stone, [light stigmata: blood domain] to protect the stone rose [bloody purgatory] the range of skills and reduce the cooling time, although carry to protect the stone that skill seconds after injury is higher, but still unresolved pain points not to sell.Conclusion:Blood mage battle weapon and armor stone, be called for each system of achievement battle weapon for [prison the bloody bite] skills to protect the stone is not given by the accelerated release and cooling down performance, at the same time greatly optimized the hunting [blood] and [bloody purgatory] skills form, more make bloody purgatory skills in carry to protect the stone become blood method under the condition of second highest skill,Single-cast damage chase also carries the “Bloodwing Bloom” ability, which provides a new option for the Blood mage in version 110.In addition, due to [prison blood of the kill] skill belongs to the blood mage Lv45 skill, and the press conference has been revealed to optimize Lv45 skill performance of four transmission entries, I believe that the blood mage this decisive battle weapon and the next version of the equipment has been revealed will certainly spark new sparks.Overall rating: to protect the stone: u u u u u bite] of [prison blood painted painted fostered fostered fostered [bloody purgatory] battle weapon: u u u u u shield stone and battle weapon of photograph sex: u u u u u bite] of [prison blood painted painted u u do [bloody purgatory]

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