AI empowers Wanda’s middle and high-end hotels with a sense of youth

From considerate service to intelligent and humanized new products, Wanda Hotels & Resorts has always grasped the differentiated needs of different customer groups, and has always grasped both operation and service iteration to provide high quality living for Chinese people.The outstanding Employee of the Year 2021 at The Wuxi Wanda Vista hotel is a special employee who doesn’t get paid — the hotel service robot momo.It made 5,335 deliveries and 419 express deliveries, with a total service time of 760 hours, a total of 6,347 tasks and a total mileage of more than 830 kilometers…Ahead of the 2022 Lunar New Year, a grand award ceremony was held at wanda Ewah Hotel Wuxi.New technologies such as self-service check-in machines, self-service shopping machines and hotel service robots have become standard accessories for mid-to-high-end lifestyle hotel brands such as Wanda Yihua, Wanda Yuehua and Wanda Meihua.In recent years, Wanda Hotels and Resorts, such as Wanda Ewah, Wanda Meihua and Wanda Yuhua, have taken the lead in creating a new idea of IP operation of hotel service robots in the upgrading process of high-end hotels, bringing a fresh “youth feeling” to Chinese hotels.Wang Lei, General manager of information Department of Wanda Hotels and Resorts, mentioned that momo, the service robot which won the title of “Best Employee of 2021”, has changed the service contract relationship between people in traditional hotels with its unique service characteristics and irreplaceable advantages.From owner to asset management, the whole chain of Wanda Hotels and Resorts was started in 2007. After 15 years of development, there are now nearly 100 hotels in operation, and more than 200 hotels under construction or awaiting opening, covering more than 180 cities around the world.It owns seven hotel brands including Wanda Ruihua, Wanda Mandarin, Wanda Realm, Wanda Jinhua, Wanda Neihua, Wanda Meihua and Wanda Yuhua, creating a hotel life that meets the consumption habits of Chinese people for guests with different needs.At the end of 2018, Wanda Hotels & Resorts clearly transformed into an asset-light platform, focusing on brand and management output, and launched wanda Meihua, its first mid-to-high-end brand.Compared with traditional high-star hotels, middle and high-end brands have advantages such as fast investment return, short construction cycle, high floor efficiency and flexible profit model, which have great growth potential in the domestic hotel market.Traditional economy hotels, three-star hotels and even the first batch of high-end hotels are in need of transformation to adapt to the trend of domestic consumption upgrading. Wanda has had a lot of successful experience in transforming old hotels since it started its efforts in the middle and high-end market.Wanda hotel’s asset-light transformation in recent years is not only the output of hotel management, but also the output of integrated hotel project management services.In the middle and high-end market, Wanda hotels’ competitive advantage lies in its identity as a former owner. Such experience enables Wanda Hotels to better understand the needs of owners and provide them with the best investment plan.In addition, Wanda has independent product research and development, polishing ability, and accumulated management experience in high-end hotel brands. Wanda adopts the mode of “high to low” to compete for high-end market share.Today, Wanda Hotels & Resorts has grown into an asset management company that integrates the whole industry chain of hotel design, construction and operation to empower hotels.In 2021, Wanda Hotels & Resorts proposed the “Fangyuan Plan” — rejecting “international norms” that do not conform to the consumption and lifestyle of Chinese people, adhering to the strategy of becoming a Chinese brand, deeply exploring, re-interpreting and innovatively presenting Chinese culture, creating a national brand and highlighting Chinese service.Wanda Hotels & Resorts has realized that the new generation of hotel brands, which are currently favored by new consumers, need an in-depth understanding of their consumption habits and preferences, as well as intelligent integration of online celebrity genes.Wanda Hotels & Resorts takes the pulse of the new generation and integrates the explicit needs of guests into every detail of hotel services.On the other hand, it goes straight to the deep heart of the guests, arouses their potential expectation, and achieves the same frequency resonance in the soul on the way of exploring the beautiful business travel space and experience.According to the survey conducted by Wanda Hotel Design Institute, they pay attention to individuality and freedom, pursue rationality rather than high-end consumption, pay attention to quality, like social contact, pursue art and entertainment.When this research result was delivered to Wanda Meihua, a new generation of lifestyle hotels was born: textured books, boutique coffee, beautiful design, trendy board games…The collision of a variety of styles, the mix of multiple atmosphere, old and new compatible design, classic and fashionable coexist.Upon entering The Wanda Miramar Ningbo, guests will be surrounded by an intense steampunk, gothic industrial style.Upon entering The Wanda Miramar Ningbo, guests will be surrounded by an intense steampunk, gothic industrial style.The space line is strong, black gold color is evaluated as “super easy to film”;From steam gears to spacesuits and palace chandeliers, these time-interlocking elements have left countless clock-punters exclaim that “even the ceiling is drama”.Looking through the little Red book, it is not difficult to find that Wanda Miramar Hotel, which focuses on building a lifestyle, has been included in the hotel punch list of travel bloggers and business travelers.With its focus on building a lifestyle, Wanda Miramar has been listed on the hotel check-in list of travel bloggers and business travelers.Wanda Vista Ningbo, with its unique space design and ai-supported ultra-futuristic products, enables Generation Z to see the “effortlessly, trendy and neutral style” they love.In addition, after the introduction of service robots, the hotel service has brought a wonderful future immersion of “Cyberpunk” interaction between people and intelligent machines, breaking the single, constant person-to-person service interface, so that guests get a new experience.When the hotel life scenes desired by the guests are activated one by one, and the 24-hour hotel activity line is fully displayed, the hotel will have a strong vitality once it is recognized by the Z generation group with strength and sincerity.Wang Lei, General Manager of Information Department of Wanda Hotels & Resorts, believes that with people’s continuous new demands for the hotel industry, the development of intelligent hotel is constantly advancing and innovating:”At present, the hotel industry a lot of pressure, from the service for every guest, every room, every cup of coffee, a little bit of accumulation, but these pressures, in turn, is also the power, can prompt the industry consider with what method to increase efficiency, improve returns, this also is a massive amount of AI application breaking point and driving force.”As the first Wanda Meihua directly owned hotel in Wanda Hotels and Resorts, Wanda Meihua Shanghai has implemented intelligent services such as online room selection, self-check-in, self-check-out, robot delivery, TV screen casting and self-invoicing on Wanda Hotels wechat mini program as early as 2019.Wang Lei said: “For high-end luxury hotels, the hotel industry is the service of people. I think the development trend of hotels in the future is to need AI technical support personnel to provide good service.”The robot momo has started a cute and passionate working life in several Wanda hotels.Use humanistic care to deliver technology to goodness and provide users with a warmer experience.The robot momo has started a cute and passionate working life in several Wanda hotels.Each check-in guests, always inadvertently encountered a “little lovely”.Even though it is busy delivering snacks and toiletries to guests, momo never forgets to greet them with a simple electronic voice.If we talk long enough, about the weather tomorrow, about the food in the region, Momo will prove itself to be a know-it-all.All rooms are equipped with “robot delivery” mall, scan the code to receive the good goods and care specially sent by “momO”.In Wang Lei’s opinion, “all hotel automation for the hotel is a small market demand, suitable for some specific scenes, but a lot of technical attempts are needed by all hotels.AI ultimately meets two needs: the needs of guests and the need to improve the efficiency of hotel management and service.”In the face of the characteristics and needs of the new generation, the pressure of renewal for established hotels is self-evident.In Wang Lei’s eyes, the new generation of people and hoteliers will eventually walk on the same road, exploring and discovering, and trying new lifestyles and consumption patterns, with the original aspiration and vision of pursuing a better sodding life.Every time wanda Hotels and Resorts brand debut and new, just prove that embracing The Times is the best choice — looking at each other, two-way.About wanda hotels and resorts wanda hotels and resorts began in 2007, adhering to the “people-oriented, care for each employee, warm every guest, responsible each partner” core values, and “pragmatic innovation, and promote members presents” the corporate philosophy, is committed to be valuable, hotel as the core of the asset management company.Wanda Hotels & Resorts is a full-industry chain company that integrates hotel development, construction and management, covering three core sectors: hotel design, hotel construction and hotel management.Wanda Hotels & Resorts has seven major hotel brands: Luxury Hotels — Wanda Reign, Luxury Hotels — Wanda Vista, high-end Hotels — Wanda Realm, high-end choice Hotels — Wanda Grand, high-end lifestyle Hotels — Wanda Neva, mid-end lifestyle Hotels — Wanda Meihua, and mid-end Hotels — Wanda Yuhua.Wanda Hotels & Resorts currently has 99 hotels in operation and 208 hotels under construction or pending opening, covering more than 180 cities around the world.More information or booking hotel, please visit:

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