Wu Mengjie is second and Li Yingying is first

As we all know, the establishment of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball training camp is to better gather talents, let more talented players stand out, and add new forces for the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the international arena.For this interested fans also elected their mind should be selected in the training camp of small players, and the strength of the ranking, and this ranking has been fresh, let’s take a look at it.Fifth place: Wang Yizhu.As is known to all, the most important thing for Chinese women’s volleyball team is the attacking strength in the main attack position, because the ability of Chinese women’s volleyball team to take the initiative to get points is mainly maintained by the main attack.Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Liu Yanhan and other strength of some of the veteran will eventually have a decline in competitive status, so the main attack position of the potential will be the top.Although Wang Yizhu still needs to be improved in attack, she is one of the few excellent spikers in Recent years.She does not have much offensive power, but she has strong jumping ability and various techniques. She also shows very calm on the court. She is a great spiker to look forward to.Fourth place: Ni Feifan.In fact, Ni Feifan should have been ranked higher, but the poor performance in the super league still let the majority of fans disappointed with her, but xiaobian believes that it is normal for the little girl to have ups and downs on the court.In the Paris Olympic Cycle, many fans will also consider her to carry the flag. I believe that ranking fourth this time is also an incentive for her. We look forward to her good performance in the future.Third place: Wang Yindi.In fact, Wang Yindi is a very good seed in the receiving position. As long as she carefully cultivates and improves her rough skills, her offensive strength will be more powerful in the future.From the super league can be seen on the field, Wang Yindi immediately entered the game after the substitute, the potential heavy dunk also let the majority of fans a bright.Therefore, if she has more international experience and more changes in her spiking technique, it is not impossible for her to become the main force of the Chinese women’s Volleyball Team.Second place: wu Mengjie, “Little Zhu Ting”.As is known to all, Wu Mengjie has been the main attack force of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team in the Super League, and her attack at the fourth position is amazing.Although faced with high block and mobility is very good had hard to breakthrough, but in the competition she changeful technique, skilled techniques is still make the broad masses of fans are looking for her, and is known as the small twila her future may under the lead of veteran twila, Zhang Changning progress again a ladder, and will become an international well-known ace spiker.First place: Li Yingying.In fact, she ranked the first to believe that the majority of fans are no doubt, now she is experienced in the international arena and very comprehensive.If she can be carefully polished in the training camp, then I believe that in the near future, the attack, defense, pass and other aspects will reach the international level, to achieve the goal of agannu, Boskovic and other famous players, together with her.I am HongKong HongKong chat women’s volleyball team, want to know more about the latest information of women’s volleyball tournament, then follow me.

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