Tongliao City Public Security Bureau: diversified forms of publicity, set off a nationwide anti-fraud atmosphere

As a solid and effective to carry out good “greet the 20 big, optimization under the rule of law to do business, service guarantee high quality development” activities, to improve the safety awareness of people to guard against all kinds of telecom network fraud and cover the masses of the people “purse”, the municipal public security bureau continue to intensify the electricity cheat propaganda work, the positive publicity and promotion within their respective jurisdictions installed APP, national center for anti cheatEnhance the awareness of fraud prevention and the ability to prevent and reject fraud.First, the police to the crowd gathered more markets and banks, issued anti-fraud brochures, so that the masses have a sense of fraud.Second, go deep into the residents’ homes, especially focus on the elderly, women and other vulnerable groups to carry out targeted, face-to-face propaganda download “National anti-fraud center” APP work.Three is to use WeChat group of rapid propagation, using WeChat group of propaganda campaign against fraud in residential area, do a complete coverage of anti cheat propaganda jurisdiction, the anti-fraud WeChat group of daily push against fraud in knowledge, at the same time push “the national center for anti cheat” APP download registration process in detail, and how to operate to calls, text messages warning report, electricity fraud operations, such as normalized to do propaganda work.

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