Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team 3 will appear in the Spring Festival Gala!New cycles continue to defend supremacy, or 5 selected for the national team

With the arrival of the New Year, there are a lot of celebrations, and TV stations are also launching their own Spring Festival Gala.As a sports symbol of Tianjin, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team was a guest at the Cross-talk Spring Festival Gala hosted by Tianjin SATELLITE TV to celebrate the New Year with the national audience and fans.As some of the players went home for the Spring Festival, there were only three representatives from the Tianjin women’s volleyball team.They are coach Wang Baoquan, free mencius xuan and Yang Yi.Wang Baoquan is the coach of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team. She led the team to win many championships in league, championship and National Games.Mencixuan is the main free agent of the team. Although the fans of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team argue that her ability is not in line with the championship team, it is undeniable that she did not lose her lead during the National Games and made contributions for the team to win the championship.Receiver Yang Yi this season because of foreign aid Vargas joined, so retired to the second line as the team’s substitute, although playing time is limited, but she can always in the team back row problems, turn the corner.And the last cycle, Yang Yi as a nanny to meet a very good completion of their security tasks, is the biggest hero of activating Li Yingying firepower.In the national Games, Yang Yi is also the main identity of the competition.The new cycle of Tianjin women’s Volleyball team will continue to strengthen their own strength to defend the domestic supremacy.In the 21-22 season, Tianjin team actively introduced reinforcements within the rules, and national players Yuan Xinyue and Liu Yanhan were absorbed into the team, and wang Yuanyuan, Yao Di and others formed a super luxury lineup, and won the championship with an unbeaten outstanding record.The new Chinese women’s Volleyball team is about to be formed, and the dominant Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team will probably become a major player in the national team, with at least five players selected.Wang Yuanyuan, Li Yingying and Yao Di should be no suspense shortlisted.Li Yingying and Wang Yuanyuan are the new players of the Chinese women’s Volleyball team in the last cycle, so they will not only be selected in the new cycle, but also become the core players of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.Setter Yao Di is also expected to achieve a reverse attack, replacing Ding Xia to become the first.After all, from the current situation, Yao Di’s competitive state than Ding Xia.In terms of newcomers, Wang Yizhu of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team is also very likely to be selected.Although Wang has been relegated to the bench this season with the addition of Liu Yanhan, there is no denying that Wang has an edge among the new generation of players, and she has proved her value in the National Games when she teamed up with Li Yingying to win the title in Jiangsu.There were no dropouts in the final.Assistant attack Zhang Shiqi played well in the first stage of the competition, blocking and attack ranking into the top 10, but for Yuan Xinyue to join, perhaps she can also be pushed into the final ranking of the top 10.Born in 1999, Zhang Shiqi is 196cm tall, tall but not stupid, blocking judgment and blocking hand shape are very good, is a good prospect on the line of the deputy attack, after Yan Ni retired, the national team is expected to change the position of the deputy attack, so Zhang Shiqi is expected to be investigated by the national team.

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