The tower of the heart

Children living in oil town dream of RIGS, pumping units and refineries.On countless nights in a foreign land, the direction in which these oil symbols appeared never changed.To me, the oil refinery tower standing in front of my house all year round is an invariable image of my hometown.It is always in my memory, like the old man I know best.My father was an ordinary oil refinery worker. From the beginning of my memory, it has been not far from home, in the northern end of the city, witnessing the sunrise and sunset of the oil city every day, waiting for the oil people’s initial dream.The metal at the top of the tower glistened like the eyes of an elder.Maybe my father was walking through the tubes, checking the temperature of the large tank.Or standing on the top of the smelting tower, patrolling around whether there are security risks…The refining tower witnessed my happiness and friendship from childhood to adulthood.My father and mother fell in love here, and the palm-sized area in the refinery community is our home, small but warm.I grew up at the bottom of a refinery tower, and I was a lot like these oil industry buildings — calm, warm, generous and powerful.After spending time with the tower, I often thought of myself as a soldier on guard.Spring, look at all kinds of flowers bloom, pink like xia, white like snow, red like fire, butterflies and bees chasing play, beautiful scenery and tall tower set off each other into interest;Summer temperature is high, oil blue still stick to the post, without fear of high temperature heat wave baptism, convergence of considerable oil production;Autumn is golden, harvest season invite refining tower as a witness, I also gradually grew from ignorant children into young girls;Winter, we snowball fights, snowman, years in the xi xi ha ha passed fast.Refining tower, witnessed the growth of generations of oil children, but also witnessed the motherland step by step to prosperity.Then I went to college and left my hometown.No matter how far away from home, the refining tower always lingers in my dreams.When I got home from the train, I saw the tower standing on the horizon, warm in my heart.I went out of the oil city to study in different cities, through many ups and downs.And every time I encounter difficulties, it is the towering tower, like kind elders taught me tenacity and persistence.Recently, oil refineries have been supplying crude oil to The Beijing Daxing International Airport and gas to the Beijing Winter Olympics, and oil and gas storage tanks are whizzing along the railway tracks, contributing to the country’s energy security.Now the tower still stood quietly in its place, and my father worked at the same post.Every guardian is worth seeing, every extraordinary is worth singing.Wherever I go, the towering tower remains in my memory.With that dark oil flow, in my life.Source: China Youth Daily client

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