Sun Long fell down the “culprit” is Wang Meng?No champion needs to be thoroughly tempered

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics continues.At the end of the Competition on February 16, the Chinese team had mixed feelings.Qi Guangpu of China held on to win the seventh gold medal in men’s freestyle skiing aerials.In the gold medal table, The Chinese delegation also won a record 7 gold MEDALS, beating the Austrian delegation to temporarily occupy the fourth place.Sadly, in the men’s 5,000-meter freestyle relay, where China had a good chance of winning a medal or even a gold medal, sun Long made a big mistake and only finished fifth.In fact, in any sports competition, there is never “safe”, especially this kind of group competition, the possibility of error is very big, logically speaking, Sun Long’s fall, even if some pity, actually very normal.Just, this winter Olympics, Sun Long’s “collapse” type performance has been more than once, every time to ruin a good opportunity, really should not.A major mistake in the 5,000-meter relay also put Sun Long in the spotlight again.As for why Sun Long fell down, in addition to their own strength and experience, some netizens believe that Wang Meng is the biggest “culprit” for his defeat.Speaking of Wang Meng, once a legendary short-track speed skater of The Chinese team, she is also a team member with great personality. She is known for her bold attitude.Wang Meng has also been invited as a guest commentator for the Winter Olympics. His professional commentary and unique way of expression have made him a model for many netizens.So, Sun Long fell down in the 5000-meter relay, and what does Wang Meng have to do?It all started with the men’s 1500 meter short track race.In the men’s 1500m individual quarter-final, Sun long was eliminated early after showing what looked like a negative attitude when he had the advantage of the inside track and no other competitors interfered with the collision.To this end, Wang Meng, who was sitting in the studio at that time, was furious. He not only revealed that sun Long had the same attitude problem when he was a coach in Germany, but also said that he was allowed to fly back to the local team at that time. After seeing Sun Long’s performance in the Winter Olympics, he said that he wanted to give him a mouth.It was wang meng’s revelation and sharp words that aroused the curiosity of many viewers, and Sun Long was also attacked by many netizens.As the situation intensified, Wang Meng also explained that she was able to criticize Sun Long because of her identity, we do not continue to network violence.But the damage has already been done.Now 21 years old Sun Long is the first time to participate in such a level of winter Olympics major competition, experience and psychological need to test.After losing the game, he was publicly criticized by his former coach and senior. Naturally, the pressure increased, and thousands of netizens insulted him on the Internet. It can be said that the mood of the young player was destroyed to a great extent.If left unaddressed, this sudden and unprecedented stress can leave a person with extreme self-doubt.Therefore, we can see that in the men’s 500-meter short track race, Sun Long also relied on the judgment of the judges to get through the group, and then he was eliminated in the quarter-finals.Came to the 5000-meter relay race, in the absence of interference, he fell off the track, thus becoming the biggest responsibility of the Chinese team defeat.To be honest, after being eliminated from men’s 1500 meters, being severely criticized by Wang Meng and being attacked by netizens, Sun Long did not play his due level in the following competitions. There is indeed some correlation between the two.If Wang Meng had spared sun Long after his defeat, he might not have been criticized by netizens so much, and sun Long would have been more stable in his mind.A 21-year-old athlete competing in his first Winter Olympics was under a lot of pressure on home turf, publicly criticized by his former coach and then netted after he was knocked out of the competition.As you can imagine, how difficult is the next game?This is difficult for ordinary people to understand.Then again, Wang Meng’s original criticism is based on sun Long’s performance on the field, to be practical and realistic, certainly did not expect the occurrence of net violence.On the other hand, every Olympic champion has to go through all kinds of difficulties and pressures. How to quickly digest the influence of the outside world and timely improve their competitive temperament is also the core quality that every athlete needs.After all, championships are never for the taking.

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