China Transportation News | The largest electric coal unloading unit of the national railway achieved a good start in the first month

As of 18:00 on January 31, Daqin Locomotive service Section, as the largest electric coal unloading unit of railway in China, has unloaded 558,000 vehicles in total, with an average of 18,000 vehicles per day, making the first month of electric coal supply and transportation a good start.Since the beginning of this year, the power consumption in central and southern China has increased significantly due to a cold wave and snowstorm.In order to meet the thermal coal reserve demand of downstream power plants, Daqin Vehicle Service Section of China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. gives full play to the location advantage of large unloading sections, adheres to the principle of “promoting discharge and protecting loading by unloading”, and according to the coal flow of Daqin Line and the turnover of coal storage and vehicle flow in port yard,Actively promote the coordinated and integrated balanced unloading organization of qinhuangdao Port, Jingtang Port, Donggang Port and Caofeidian Port, timely arrange the unloading plan accurately according to the storage and stacking position of each port company, reduce the number of equal-stacking or no-stacking trains, maximize the unloading efficiency and get through the “last kilometer” of electric coal unloading.In order to ensure the continuous high volume of electric coal of Daqin Line and orderly connection of coal transfer in and out of the port, this section and the port carry out the office of road and port office, and jointly study the detailed unloading scheme. On the one hand, the restrictions of coal type and stacking space are broken to ensure the full load operation of the dump machine.On the other hand, the production situation in the pipeline should be analyzed by mapping and discharging, and the volume of coal enterprises in Hong Kong should be docked well in advance, and the key unloading stations should be on duty for 24 hours to realize smooth and efficient unloading organization.At the same time, the simultaneous maintenance scheme of equipment of both sides of road and port is adopted to reduce the influence of construction on unloading, and special personnel are assigned to monitor the unloading station prone to unloading backlog on site to ensure that the daily unloading target is fulfilled.China Traffic Broadcast: elegant correspondent: Yan Hongfeng

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