Authoritative interpretation of | “road traffic safety violations scorecard management method” series of reading: insist on tempering justice with mercy, adjust the score score and the tally

The newly formulated measures for the Administration of Scoring Road Traffic Safety Violations will come into force on April 1, 2022.To give full play to the score system of management, education and guidance function, the motor vehicle drivers of traffic safety consciousness, according to the need of the maintenance of road traffic safety situation is stable and scoring system since the implementation of the rule of law enforcement practice, adjusting traffic offence scores for the three aspects: one is the overall adjustment in accordance with the principle of tempering justice with mercy score score and score project.According to the harmfulness of traffic illegal behaviors to traffic safety, the score values of 24 illegal behaviors are kept unchanged, the score values of 20 illegal behaviors are reduced, 11 illegal behaviors are deleted, and the score values of 5 illegal behaviors are increased, and the score behaviors are reduced from 52 to 50.The second is to optimize the scoring ladder.After the adjustment, a total of 12 points, a score of 9 points, a score of 6 points, a score of 3 points, a score of 1 point.Added a score of 9 points, deleted a score of 2 points.The third is to reduce a full 12 points scoring behavior.After the adjustment, the 12 points scored at one time will be reduced from 11 to 7, the new 9 points scored at one time will be 7, the 6 points scored at one time will be reduced from 14 to 11, the 3 points scored at one time will be increased from 12 to 15, and the 1 point scored at one time will be increased from 4 to 10.Source: Traffic Management Bureau, Ministry of Public Security

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