The doctor warned that eating, drinking and skittishness should be moderate

Recently, a patient went out to eat and play for two days in a row over the weekend, eating barbecue, hot pot, milk tea, and partying until midnight with his friends.On Monday morning, I woke up with a “needle eye”. My eyelids were swollen and painful, so I had to go to the hospital.Aier ophthalmology Chongqing Nanping hospital corneal eye table director Liu Jiadi told patients, she is suffering from blepharitis, commonly known as sty, needle eye, is a common eyelid glands and eyelash hair follicles acute suppurative inflammation, young people.Sty also divides into inside sty and outside sty two kinds of types, place of occurrence outside sty is general in eyelash hair follicle, eye week sebaceous gland.Symptoms include itching and pain at first, later induration, and then pustules.And the internal sty pain is not so obvious as the external sty, the development will be relatively slow, the surface of the eyelid film will also appear some yellow tips.There are many reasons for the formation of sty, and daily “eating, drinking and playing” is also easy to induce sty.Chongqing people have a heavy and flavorful diet, often eating greasy, spicy and high-sugar food will promote the increase of sebaceous gland secretion.Regular drinking and the consumption of some high-calorie soup supplements, it is easy to cause the meibomian gland opening blockage, blockage may become the basis of inflammation.In addition, with the widespread use of electronic products, many people stay up late every day playing mobile phones, lack of sleep, too lazy to wash their faces, etc., will give bacteria the opportunity to cause eye hair follicles inflammation.In addition, many people who love beauty make up every day to go out, attend various parties to have fun, do not remove makeup or makeup is not clean after coming home, dirty hands wearing contact lenses are easy to induce sty.To sum up the causes of sty are: infection, do not pay attention to eye hygiene, long time with the eye, three aspects.So what should a sudden sty do?Generally speaking, the onset of sty is urgent, 2 to 3 days tender grow a sty, early cold compress, sere did not soften and then wet hot compress, 3-4 times a day, 15 minutes every time, can also be treated with antibiotics, avoid by all means extrusion.After 48 hours, if there is any improvement in the wheat grain, the redness and swelling of the area gradually expand, and even abscess.When the sty has formed an abscess, it needs to be treated with incision and drainage, and the sty forms a granuloma, which needs to be removed surgically.Liu Jiandi said that sty surgery is a common outpatient surgery, we do not have to worry too much anxiety.The disease is easy to repeat, serious can be broken, leaving eyelid scar, so should go to the regular hospital, the timely use of antibiotic eye drops or surgical treatment.(Contributed by Chongqing Elmag Eye Hospital)(Note: this article is commercial information published on People’s Daily online, the content of the article does not represent the views of this website, for reference only.)

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