Taiwan relies on the mainland to prop up its economy and go global

The Year of the Tiger is coming. In the New Year, how the situation across the Straits will develop will continue to affect the hearts of the whole country and also have a far-reaching impact on the international situation.In his speech at the Spring Festival greetings, Chinese President Xi Jinping only said ten words about Taiwan: “The struggle against ‘independence’ and for reunification has been strengthened”, in addition to paying New Year’s greetings to the Chinese people, compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as overseas Chinese. This clearly shows his determination to fight against “Taiwan independence”.Tsai Ing-wen, leader of Taiwan’s independence-seeking Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), also delivered a New Year speech in which she praised Taiwan’s fruitful achievements in epidemic prevention, economy and international development in the past year, stressing the need to deepen exchanges with other countries and stride toward the world.In her speech, Tsai boasted of Taiwan’s economic performance in the past year, with economic growth exceeding 6 percent, an 11-year high, thanks to unity efforts led by the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party.Use numbers to deceive, the most easy to achieve the effect of fish-eye beads.Taiwan’s economy was able to grow last year partly because of the trade war between China and the United States, which led to an increase in electronics orders to The island. Most importantly, Taiwan benefited from a large trade surplus with China.According to data released by China’s General Administration of Customs at the end of last year, cross-strait trade totaled $298.28 billion from January to November last year, up 27.3 percent year-on-year.Among them, the export value of products from the mainland to Taiwan was about us $70.77 billion, and the total value of imports from Taiwan to the mainland was US $227.51 billion, up 26.2% year on year, resulting in Taiwan’s accumulated trade surplus of US $156.74 billion.According to the data of Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance, during the same period, Taiwan’s total export value was 405.748 billion US dollars, and the total import value was 346.229 billion US dollars. If Taiwan lost the cross-strait trade, that is, if the import and export value of both sides were deleted, Taiwan could only record a trade deficit of 97.257 billion US dollars during this period.Will Tsai Say that Taiwan’s economic growth is supported only by the mainland market?Tsai ing-wen also said that Taiwan would strengthen exchanges with other countries and stride toward the world. The subtext of this statement is that Taiwan will continue to adopt the pattern of exchanges with Lithuania and expand the diplomatic line of “one China, one Taiwan”.The DPP’s attempt to seek independence will at any time make all people in Taiwan suffer from sanctions similar to those faced by Lithuania. Without cross-strait trade, will Taiwan have economic growth?At the beginning of the New Year, Taiwan media will report some news about how to measure luck. Liu Junzu, known by Taiwan media as the master of I Ching, will ask people such as Tsai Ing-wen and Biden for prognoses, and Tsai Ing-wen will get “gu” hexagrams.He pointed out that “gu” was an object with a bug in it that could not get out. There was disorder, and the system had problems and must be reformed.As for Biden’s luck, it is the same as Tsai ing-wen’s luck, “gu”, bad luck, is chaos, internal troubles and external troubles.Biden’s second line is “gen”, which means it will encounter unlimited obstacles, even if it has the will to reverse the situation in need of reform.Numbers are accurate, may listen to it, but ms tsai and biden alone China’s words and deeds are unpopular, but the fact that the same is true of, is the former President of the United States has to attend the meeting in trump, has publicly threatened to once again was elected President in 2024, will pardon on Capitol hill riots last year was sentenced to the demonstrators, and flow number biden government incompetence;Biden hopes that the democratic reform bill, has failed to pass congress, the mid-term elections later this year, the Democrats have a very high chance of defeat, many Republican congressmen have said that after the mid-term elections, they will impeach Biden’s unfair administration, the Chaos of the American government, like a snowball, is growing.The international situation is changing rapidly and severe challenges are emerging at any time. China has no interest in interfering in other countries’ internal affairs, but it also tolerates any external interference in China’s affairs.Whether there will be peace across the Taiwan Strait depends on whether the United States continues to use its policy of coerce Taiwan against China, and whether the “independence” elements in Taiwan will continue to go further and further down the wrong path.Article from “Hong Kong People talk about Land”

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