Pre-flood disaster investigation was carried out in Guizhou

Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang) recently, the guizhou province geological disaster prevention headquarters office issued by the concerned regarding the 2022 geological disaster emergency notice parties on matters relating to the big screen (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”), the relevant departments for all over the province in accordance with the “territorial management, graded points department is responsible for” forms of organization, thorough development concerned to the big screen,We will ensure that all prevention and control measures are implemented to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.”Notice” proposed to strengthen the investigation of risks and hidden dangers, timely discovery of new hidden dangers.To carry out the investigation of potential hazards in all areas without dead spots, focusing on downstream slopes, easily weathered rock and soil bodies, rural roads, resettlement sites and projects under construction.The circular makes it clear that it will strengthen risk source control and enhance comprehensive prevention capabilities.The local county-level government and the competent department of the industry shall organize professional and technical personnel to carry out field investigations, and preliminatively identify the types, causes, inducements, characteristics and hazards of local disasters by means of combining field reconnaissance with field mapping, and delimit danger areas.Work out disaster prevention plans, assign monitoring personnel, and establish a monitoring network for mass measurement and prevention.Verify the recent changes and forecast the evolution trend of hidden dangers one by one, and check the corresponding defense measures in place.The site signs are damaged, the identification is unclear and the evacuation line is vague, etc., the rectification shall be in place within a limited time.At the same time, we will carry out disaster prevention exercises to enhance our ability to prevent disasters.”Notice” requirements, give full play to the role of village-level organizations, the use of more than 1∶ 50 thousand disaster detailed investigation results, clear joint risk slope four to the scope and carry out a comprehensive inspection, focusing on whether there are man-made engineering activities disturbance and abnormal geological phenomenon.Construction activities such as slope cutting and building must be strictly prohibited.The deformed risk slope shall be included in the book management according to relevant provisions.

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