On the 4th anniversary of the Parkland school shooting, a father who lost his son climbed a tower crane to protest Against Joe Biden

The father of one of the students killed in the Parkland school shooting climbed a 150-foot tower crane near the White House on Sunday to protest President Joe Biden and demand action on gun violence, the New York Post reported.On the fourth anniversary of his son’s death in the Parkland school shooting, the father, Manuel Oliver, posted a video of himself unfurling a giant banner with a picture of his son, Joaquin, atop a giant crane,And decried the “45,000 deaths caused by gun violence” in the US during Mr Biden’s presidency.”A month ago, I asked for a meeting with Joe Biden,” Oliver said in the video.It didn’t work out that way.So now I’m back with Joaquin, so the whole world can hear Joaquin today.”In another tweet, Oliver noted that he had been to Washington, D.C., in December, when he spent three weeks outside the White House in an ill-fated attempt to meet with Biden.He wrote, “Today GUAC [his son’s nickname] joins me in making [his] own statement!So the whole country can judge our reality.150 feet in front of the White House.Peace action.”Oliver said he noticed a heavy police presence during the protest, but said it was “fine” and wished his son a “happy Valentine’s Day.”As Oliver stood on top of the crane, his wife Patricia tweeted a video she had shot below, with the caption: “To Mr. Biden: My husband standing on top of the crane on behalf of our son with a large banner with a message.Please pay attention.We’re asking your side to take action because we’re not seeing a change in gun violence.Please take action.”Police cordoned off the area and Oliver eventually climbed down with others, ABC 7 reported.But as soon as he landed, police handcuffed him and escorted him into an ambulance.Dc police confirmed that a tactical team and negotiators were sent and that one person was arrested.”Today, we mourn with the Parkland families whose lives have been upended, and stand with those who are working to end gun violence,” Biden wrote on Twitter in response to the parkland shooting.Congress must act.”Igor Wolsky, founder and executive director of Guns Down America, a group that calls for dramatically reducing the number of Guns in the United States and making them much more difficult to obtain, said, “When he ran for president, Joe Biden promised to make gun violence prevention a priority.That’s not what Joe Biden did as president.”On February 14, 2018, 17 people were killed and many others injured in a school shooting in Parkland, South Florida.Cruz, who was 19 at the time, had been expelled from the school for disciplinary violations.In October, Cruz pleaded guilty to 17 counts of first-degree murder and 17 counts of attempted murder in connection with the shootings.”I’m very sorry for what I did, and I live with it every day,” he said.Cruz’s trial has reportedly been postponed until April.(Edit: HHJ)

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