Most people fail at four things

Why do so many people reach middle age and still fail to achieve anything?The brain is not stupid, also is not not hard, why always frustrated?This is a question that most people find baffling in their careers.This happens because the mental trigger inside them has never been pulled.So how do you pull the psychic trigger?Here, Enjoy: common sense you | to say the author: Zhang Lijun source: management of common sense (ID: Guanlidechangshi) from the power of organization, the starting point of mechanical industry publishing house / 01 career development pull your heart trigger thinking a question first: what is the starting point of the career development?Is it your first day in the workforce?I don’t think so. The real career path for each of us starts with the trigger being pulled.What is a psychic trigger?The psychic trigger is the goal and motive force of your work, the reason for your struggle.As the name implies, a shot to your heart, and then you are enchanted, you for this enchanted goal, can pay all efforts.Many people have worked in the workplace for many years without a clear goal and will give up when they encounter some difficulties and grievances. No matter how long they have worked, they will not be regarded as on the road of career development, because their mental trigger has never been pulled and they do not know what they want.Every single person I’ve ever coached, the first thing I’ve asked them to do is find their own psychic trigger.Every time we talk, every time we have a meal, the only question we talk about is: what’s the thing that pulls your trigger, that makes your heart move?Only by pulling the trigger of the mind can we truly embark on the road of career development, which is the first step of career development.My spiritual trigger was pulled by my master, Mr. Guan Mingsheng, when I first entered Ali Baba.Many people’s mental trigger is nothing more than wealth, status, power, but Mr. Guan told me that is different.The first time he invited me to a steak, he discussed with me why to make money, he said: “Money is for the freedom of choice, if you have a million [yuan], if you don’t like the job, you can choose again;If you have ten million yuan, you can study without working.If you have more money, you can do charity.This is freedom of choice.If you haven’t found your psychic trigger and the money is just a number to you, what do you think it’s worth?”My psychic trigger is for freedom of choice. What is your psychic trigger?”20 years. I remember that.I had just started working at that time, and what Guan told me had a big impact on me.I began to understand the purpose and value of work. Once you pull the trigger of your soul, you will generate great motivation and energy. You will not stop just because you make money, and you will not stop just because you have a house.Later, I found a rule in countless recruitment and interviews: those who are motivated to become a better version of themselves are the most promising talents.They like perpetual motion machine, in order to become a better themselves, will constantly work hard, poor health will exercise, skills will take the initiative to learn, money is not enough will try to make money, always forward.Why do so many smart people fail to reach the top of their careers?Why do so many people who started worse than you end up doing better in their careers?If we think deeply about the reasons behind these two problems, it is not difficult to find that a person’s career mentality affects his career development prospects.The second step in your career development is to develop a good career mindset.I have come into contact with various managers and found that it is not only cleverness and professional ability that determine the height of one’s career development, but more importantly, mentality.I’ve seen too many super-competent managers who end up stuck in their mindset.There is a picture of a monkey climbing a tree (see Figure 1).Figure 1: Monkeys climbing trees When we first entered the workforce, we were at the root of trees;As the years passed and we grew into managers, we climbed into the middle of the tree;By the time we’re self-employed, we’ll be at the top of the tree.At each different stage, our mindset can change a lot.1. Ordinary staff: All the way forward at the root, looking up is buttocks, looking down is not a smiling face.At this time we should tell ourselves that there is no other choice, but one way to the end, all the way forward.This is the biggest responsibility to oneself, at this time which have what choice right?Giving up is the easiest thing to do, but even if we jump from one tree to another, we’ll be at the same height, no difference.The most fearful thing in career development is to always strive at the same level. Every time there is a difficulty, I will choose to give up and take a shortcut. As a result, I always stay in the same place.So, when we get to this stage, understand that everyone has come this way, there are no shortcuts, just keep it simple and focus on moving forward.Just as my teacher told me, “Don’t think about it. Just do your best and move forward.”After all kinds of trials and tribulations, we become managers from employees, and our roles have changed greatly. Many managers tend to lose their mentality at this stage and want to show their authority, enjoy the feeling of managing others, and lose their sense of humility.Therefore, at this stage, we should learn to “look in the mirror”, keep a humble attitude, examine ourselves three times a day, have a clear understanding of themselves, do not be proud, do not lose direction.Because you can’t tell the difference between being complimented because you’re really nice and the aphrodisiac of power and position.3. Middle and senior managers: “pull hair” to the middle of the tree, thinking that you can breathe a sigh of relief, in fact, here is the hardest.Look up or ass, look down Everyone is smiling, but they all want something from you, and the ones in the middle become “sandwich cookies.”At this stage we should have the mentality of “pulling hair”, that is, when you can’t think clearly, up a higher level, put yourself in the position of the boss to think about the problem.4. Boss: Lonely at the top, there is no retreat, leading everyone to find new business growth points, etc. When we climb to the top of the tree, become the CEO of a company, or start our own business as a boss, what should our mentality be at this time?Although look down all is smiling face, but in fact at this time our pressure is the biggest, lonely at the top.There’s no road ahead. There’s a group of people waiting for you to lead the way. Where’s the next tree?What are your goals for the next stage?Therefore, at this stage, we can only lead the team to forge ahead and constantly find new business growth points.Career development is a long distance race, which is full of trials and tribulations. There are different troubles at different stages and different moods. Only by keeping a good attitude can we go further on this road.With a good career mindset, you also need to have a ladder of career growth and continue to progress along it, one step at a time.There are two topics that we’re going to talk about.I think one’s greatest progress comes from summarizing one’s daily work.A person’s growth is not necessarily in the classroom, the real training field is actually in the daily work.You’re going to face tough work problems every day, and what’s most valuable to you is solving them and doing the best job you can.Through things to cultivate people, in the process of solving problems to cultivate their own mentality and ability;The difficulties you encounter and the pain you feel in achieving your goals are not real. The skills you develop through achieving your goals and the lessons you learn from them are real to you. This is the secret of progress.Many people spend a lot of time and energy to listen to lectures and learn, but when they come back to work, they want to retreat when they encounter problems, they want to escape when they encounter difficulties, and they always stop in front of the same problem, so naturally they can’t take the next step.2. Learn how to be Effective Learning is more than just learning something. Effective learning is a spiral of cognition-behavior-results-thinking (see Figure 2).Figure 2 loop model learning first started with a new cognitive portraits such as mentioned above in the recruitment of talented person is a cognitive model, but this is only the first step, if this cognitive can’t into your behavior that is invalid, therefore, you need to do is to act immediately, used in the practical work of portrait helps you in the recruitment.This is where you enter the second step of learning, behavioral practice.The final step is to summarize your experience using this tool and develop it into your own body of experience and knowledge.At this point, there is a learning loop, and we can say that the tool is already yours, integrated into your thinking and behavior.Then, there are new cognitive inputs, and so on.Each of us is in such a learning spiral growth and development.If you understand this learning circuit model, you can understand why you learn a lot but you don’t grow. It’s because you don’t “use”. Most people just stay at the cognitive level and don’t apply it to practice.So far, we have discussed the starting point, mindset and ladder of career development, but where does career development end?Let’s talk about that as a final topic.Many entrepreneurs ask me, “How big can my company really be?”Managers often ask me, “Where do I want to go in my career and how far can I go?”Everyone’s career ends differently, and it’s our will that determines where we end up.How much you are willing to force, you can achieve much.If you work just to make money, there’s only so much you can do. Once you make money, you’ll probably be unmotivated and your career path will end.If you are willing to do good for others, if you are good for others, work to help the people around you, then you can do a lot;You can go further in your career when you have a greater sense of social responsibility.My teacher Guan Mingsheng gave me a saying that I like very much and have always remembered it in my mind. Now I would like to present this saying to all of you, hoping that every professional can go further and further in their career development: “As long as you wish, so long is your road!”About the author: This article is the first edition of “Management Common Sense”, excerpted from the Power of Organization, China Machine Press.Reprint please contact us for authorization.The implicit curve of organization: the power of growth. The author: Zhang Lijun we are experiencing a drastic reform and transformation of the era, China’s average life expectancy is not more than 2.5 years of private enterprises, enterprises who survived less than one over ten, capable of sustained growth in the organization development couldn’t keep up with business development has already become enterprise problems of the eternal.Disclaimer: If the video, picture and text used in this article are related to the copyright of the work, please inform us immediately. We will confirm the copyright according to the proof materials you provide and pay remuneration according to the national standard or delete the content immediately!

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