More than 4 million jobs will be created in the 2021 Entrepreneurship and Employment Demonstration

In 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission and relevant departments, relying on the 212 national double gen demonstration base to carry out the entrepreneurship to create more employment opportunities, demonstration in the joint efforts of creating employment treatment of annual accumulative total 4.167 million, actually solving employment by about 2 million people, entrepreneurial employment for college graduates and rural migrant workers and other key groups plays an important exemplary role.Double hit to create more employment opportunities in the areas of social service in the special operation, the regional class double gen demonstration base around domestic service, pension nursery, rural tourism, home appliance recycling and employment potential, leading role and services of social needs urgently, to new, advanced platform enterprise, the demonstration project, the typical “four traction” deepen the implementation of special operation.The special campaign attracted 3.89 billion yuan of investment from various types, organized and implemented a number of demonstration projects, and created 2.25 million new jobs throughout the year.During the special campaign for college graduates to start their own businesses and find jobs, universities and enterprise demonstration bases have actively deepened cooperation in pairs, focused on the “six batch” key tasks, and fostered a favorable environment for college graduates to start their own businesses and find jobs.The enterprise demonstration base provided 1,435 mentors for entrepreneurship and employment in the university demonstration base and 2,386 college student entrepreneurship teams.The university and enterprise demonstration bases jointly held 502 university-enterprise special activities, attracting 3,122 university teams to participate, promoting 1,119 innovation and entrepreneurship projects, generating 360 million yuan of investment, and providing 329,500 job opportunities for college graduates.To ensure the stability and security of the industrial chain and supply chain, relevant demonstration bases actively integrate innovation resources, organize innovation activities, promote the application of results, and promote the integrated development of “chain owners” and large, small and medium-sized enterprises.Leading enterprises have cooperated with 137,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in key links of research and development and supply chains, jointly developed 845 technical standards, carried out 459 demonstration projects, carried out 8,875 technological breakthroughs, overcome 4,097 technical difficulties, and created 557,000 new jobs for small and medium-sized enterprises.In the special action of promoting employment through lean entrepreneurship, the demonstration base focuses on the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship policies for researchers, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the cultivation of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, and the open sharing of innovation and entrepreneurship resources, so as to build a professional and full-chain innovation and entrepreneurship incubation system.In 2021, 27,000 special initiatives were launched to transform technologies, more than 12.51 million square meters of new business startups and innovation carriers were added, 8,721 enterprises were founded by part-time inventors, 1,626 “hidden champions” and “little giants” were incubated, and 1,034,000 new jobs were created.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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