Jingang road office: fighting epidemic silent victory sound together to defend the world April day

“Remember to take folic acid. I won’t be back tonight on duty.””You rest assured, tonight also under heavy rain, their own attention to keep warm.”Liu Lanjian and Ji Mairong, a couple born in the 1990s in the Jingang Road office of Huaian Economic and Technological Development Zone, are not only family members but also comrades in arms in the fight against COVID-19.As a member of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of the Jingang Road Office of Huai ‘an Economic and Technological Development Zone, Liu Lanjian has devoted all his time to his work since the outbreak of COVID-19. Every day, he goes out early and comes back late without being known, works overtime, receives and delivers supplies, checks big data and other information repeatedly, and works for more than 10 hours.As a probationary party member, he actively responded to the call of party organizations, saying, “Since I have chosen to join the COMMUNIST Party of China, I should declare to the Party with practical actions.””A lot of times I went to the check-up on my own. He was too busy and I could do it myself.”Petite body, often with a warm smile on his face.As a member of the General Party Branch of Fuzhuang Community, Jingang Road Office of Huaian Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ji Mairong never “specialized” herself. As a propagandist of the “epidemic” line, she kept writing and recording every moving moment in the fight against the epidemic.Although Liu lanjian and Ji Mairong were behind the scenes, they always fought together with their comrades in the front line. Ji Mairong said, “As for the medical staff on the front line, what we did is insignificant, but we are duty-bound to contribute to ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property in our area.”In this “war epidemic” without smoke of gunpowder, they stick to their posts, strictly fulfill the responsibilities of communist party members, and fight epidemic with silent love.The epidemic does not retreat, we do not retreat, I believe that the persistence and pay will be able to look forward to the epidemic retreat and spread, flowers unbeaten spring warm April days.(Source: Website of Administrative Committee of Huaian Economic and Technological Development Zone)

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