I, a master’s degree in the United States, returned to Work at the age of 29, with a monthly salary of 7,000 yuan, back to the village for the New Year was laughed at

My name is Duan Wenbin, 30 years old this year, as a post-90, and do not feel how much superiority, even if he is still the only child, can be born in the countryside, although the family is good, but still ordinary rural children.Since the village was called a great wit, because at the age of seven or eight, on the gab, so the village neighbors are very like me.I studied in the town in primary school. Later, my father came to the provincial capital in order to provide me with a better school. Usually, my parents would do some small business in the provincial capital, so that I had enough food and clothing.You know, people become, you know, immature adults, and I, at the age of 17, faced my parents’ divorce.At that time, my father would do business in other places, and my mother opened a department store, which was also very busy at ordinary times. After my father made money, he had an affair with a girl who was only in her twenties. The girl was even pregnant.At that time, my mother was very sad. She had fought with my mistress and quarreled with my father. She was reluctant to get divorced.Can have no impermeable wall, finally one day, small third again come to visit, I hate this kind of person very much, so hit the other side, finally settle with compensation 230 thousand.But after this matter, also understand why mother these months every day sad face, everything is because of this woman.In these years, my father rarely go home, every time I come back, and hurried out, I feel not quite right, because my father’s attitude to me has changed obviously, not as much as I used to love me.My mother told me the truth. Under my questioning, my father admitted that he was having an affair, but the woman was pregnant at that time. He didn’t know what to do, and he made it clear that mom and I would never get divorced, no matter what.My mother is a very kind and capable woman, usually thrifty, but after all, her father is negative.But within a month my father and mother divorced.And that woman, also later gave birth to a child.From then on, my mother and I lived a mutually dependent life. In order to stay away from this sadness, my mother finally let me go abroad to study and sold all the family property. At that time, my father was completely out of the house, so we lived abroad or very well-off.After my mother and I arrived in The United States, we were strangers in the land. My mother, who only had a junior high school education, was very uncomfortable at home doing laundry and cooking for me every day.But at this time of the father’s life is not where to go, because there is no money, so, the woman and he married more than a year to divorce, and the child was also taken away by the woman.Is he tell me these things, I read the junior year, mother came home, and my father remarried, these things, it’s not that I expected, but also can understand the feelings of father and mother also in, only the heart can’t forgive father was sentenced to family, so that after the master degree, are reluctant to return to work at home.After all, I was in a foreign country, missing my mother and hometown. Finally, when I returned to China at the age of 29, I felt very uncomfortable. Fortunately, because I had studied in the United States and had a master’s certificate, I was hired by an enterprise with a monthly salary of 7,000 yuan, which was one quarter of my salary in the United States.Because I have experienced a lot of things and grown up, my parents finally chose to go back to the countryside. After all, my grandparents are old and cannot be taken care of without someone.Because I just got back a year, the hometown of neighbor has more than ten years not to see me, a group of people around at the back, ask east asked west, when to know when I was a monthly salary is only 7000 yuan, many neighbors began to laugh at, even with the neighbor said: “in this society, seven thousand yuan can do, my son drive big trucks, ten thousand yuan a month, also tube eat under control.”I felt very uncomfortable at that time, but after all, I was a neighbor of my hometown, and I couldn’t say anything. I just wanted to spend the New Year safely and spend time with my grandparents. I went back to work on the tenth day.People need to experience a lot in this life, and what I experienced, except sad, seems to be nothing worth remembering.

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