Fu Shan Fu Shui Hua Xin Banyan City Spring Festival is not good

Night tour of white Horse River.Reporter Yuan Hao took the Taiwan Network on February 2, fuzhou daily reported that rain welcomed spring blessing.On the first day of the Year of the Tiger, light rain fell on banyan City with the sound of New Year’s greetings.The sound of the ticking rain, busy in the mountains, rivers, cities and villages, “New Year’s greetings”, also witnessed the ecological charm of Fuzhou landscape city and the profound cultural heritage of Fujian capital.Climb the fu Mountain, pro fu water, walk the fu Road, bubble Fu spring, blessing……In conjunction with the “Happy State in the Year of the Tiger: Welcome the Year of the Tiger and Live a Happy Life” campaign, there are happy scenes of citizens swimming in Kushan, Osan, Baima River and Bokdo.Citizens climb wushan in the rain.It is a traditional custom of the Spring Festival to climb the fu Mountain and pray for good luck in the New Year, which means “promotion step by step” and “longevity and health”.In Fuzhou, the newly opened Wushan mountain and the drum Mountain with a history of more than a thousand years have left citizens enjoying happiness.”My house is at the foot of the mountain. Now the mountain roads are accessible and the scenery is better. How comfortable it is to come out for a walk during the Spring Festival!”In the area adjacent to xiaotai, the reporter met Mr. Xu, an “old Fuzhou”, who was using his mobile phone to take pictures of the beautiful scenery of the mountain from different angles. The half-meter-long stone carving of “Longevity” on the boulder also became the leading role in the camera.”It is a blessing for us Fuzhou people to stay in the ‘Shoushan Fuhai’ and look at the ‘vast sea and sky’!”Although there is rain “disturbance”, but shrouded in fog in the drum mountain lively as before.On the hiking path, mountaineering enthusiasts forge ahead, and vehicles are also flowing up and down the mountain.”This is my first time to gushan. The air here is fresh and the scenery is beautiful. Fuzhou is really a good place!”Zheng Jing, a native of Jiangxi province, has been working in Fuzhou for two years. This is her first New Year in a foreign land, and she went to Yongquan Temple with her friends to pray for good luck.”I wish my family good health, and I wish our country peace and prosperity.”White Horse River cruise ship decorated with lights.Reporter Yuan Hao photo pro fu fu water as the East China Sea to the Minjiang River gushing, rippling inland.On the first day of the New Year, many people go out of their homes to enjoy the fresh air and think about the future of the New Year.The newly opened heart of Minjiang River – Binjiang pedestrian Street has become a popular choice for citizens to travel.Walking under the green kapok trees, wandering around the cultural square full of international style, citizens Wu Xiuli a family of three face filled with a happy smile: “heard that binjiang walking street opened, and the family to punch in.”Pan leaf boat, swim qingli river.Inland river tourism is also loved by the general public.Despite the light rain, the white Horse River, Liuhuaxi boat tour still attracted the public tourists family outing, enjoy the shore green scenery beautiful waterfront scenery;Boats decorate the clear inland waters with their lights.”After the renovation, fuzhou inland river is full of vitality.”Mr. Qin, a citizen, said that on the first day of the New Year, he took his parents who had just come to Fuzhou to experience the inland river cruise and experience the unique beauty of Fuzhou. “The inland rivers are also the charm of Fuzhou city. I hope fuzhou will become more and more beautiful in the New Year.”Plum blossoms bloom in West Lake Park.Reporter Zheng Shuai took the fu Road tiger wind spring walking fu Road, happy to welcome the blessing.New Year’s Day morning, continuous light rain, did not block the pace of public fitness.On fu Road, some people jog to keep fit or stroll to enjoy the New Year.Zeng, who is in his sixties, is a regular on fu Road.Since retiring, the man who lives nearby has walked the urban Forest Trail for half an hour every day.”Fu Dao Fu arrive, meaning good.Fuzhou is a blessed city. On the first day of the New Year, we should walk the road of happiness and enjoy it!”Strong body, tiger tiger wind.Urban footpaths throughout the streets and lanes also welcome many surrounding citizens to enjoy the fitness scenery.Cycling path, one by one by a bike;Before the slow track, runners sweat like rain;In the small square, the sprightly old man leisurely practicing tai Chi.As far as the eyes can see, all are a happy and peaceful New Year atmosphere.On the first day of the Chinese New Year in the Year of the Tiger, many people chose to enjoy the warm “Spring of Happiness” with their families.Inside and outside the scenic spot decorated with lanterns, New Year’s blessing song lingering……In Yuanmai Hot Spring Park, a pool of hot spring water dispels the chill brought by light rain, and bursts of laughter bring family and friends closer.”I heard that yuanmai Hot spring park has won the first batch of Fuzhou natural hot spring quality certification, this hot spring quality must be very good!””This is our old hot spring in Fuzhou, rest assured!”In the hall, Lin Qing, a citizen, is counting the “good” of fuzhou hot spring among the tourists who come to Fuzhou.”If you soak in the Fuquan spring in the New Year, you must be blessed!”In the park, the spring greeting card wall and send blessings and other activities have also attracted many “soup friends” to participate in, in addition to taking photos in the booming tiger background box, we also wrote the blessing of the New Year on the blessing paper, high hanging in the park tree.”I hope everything goes well in the New Year.Tourists clock in three lanes and seven alleys.Reporter Yuan Hao took a picture of the blessing of the year and returned to the blessing of the tang shopping mall, buy New Year’s goods, the first day of the morning, just won the national tourism and leisure blocks of three lanes seven historical and cultural blocks ushered in a tour boom.Citizens and tourists have put on new clothes, with their families, happy to swim in the old street.Strolling on the streets, some young citizens dressed in Hanfu took photos and punched in the street;Green brick white wall, deserve to go up pink skirt green unlined upper garment, do not have scenery one time.”Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival, three lanes and Seven alleyways are important historical and cultural blocks, but also the witness and highlight of Fuzhou traditional culture. We wear Hanfu to clock in, and hope that everyone can carry forward our traditional culture and celebrate the Spring Festival together.”You jiaqi citizens laugh.The major parks in the city center also welcomed many citizen tourists.Walking into West Lake Park, the south gate of the rockery, the carefully made building blocks tiger and blessing tree attracted many citizens to take photos and clock.”I wish my family good health and reunion!”In front of the blessing tree, grade 6 child Shen Haojia solemnly hung the blessing card on the tree and made her own New Year wishes.Full tree blessing card, swaying in the wind, a blessing, but also opened the New Year’s beautiful preface.Citizen tourists visit the park.Photo by Hiroshi Hara

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