Flagship stores selling official licensed merchandise have been snapped up

With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, a series of products related to the Winter Olympic Games are popular among the public, especially bing Dwen Dwen, snow Rong Rong and all kinds of winter Olympic badges.On February 9, a newspaper reporter visited the flagship store of official licensed products for the Winter Olympics in Wangfujing and found that all the products related to the Winter Olympics were almost sold out.Although the staff placed a warm reminder outside the store, plush toys, hand figures, key chains, crystal balls and blind boxes were out of stock on February 9, but there was still a long line outside the flagship store.The reporter and the customers in line at the scene understand that although they already know that there are not many goods left in the store, they still want to go in and have a look, punch in the hot spot of the Winter Olympics and feel the enthusiasm of the Winter Olympics at close range.There are many tourists from other places in the queue. Mr. Liu from Dalian told reporters that he hoped to take the opportunity of a business trip to Beijing to buy bing Dwen Dwen, but there was no goods, Mr. Liu had to buy the Winter Olympics t-shirts.Dong, who brought her daughter to the store to buy Bing Dwen Dwen, had to return disappointed. Although she did not buy Bing Dwen Dwen, the spirit of the Winter Olympic Games has infected her family. She told reporters that the family are very concerned about the games and encouraged by the spirit of athletes’ struggle, and the ice sports are deeply attracted to her children.Reporter attention, flagship store, a lot of counters have been empty.Some products are bought by enthusiastic customers even though only samples are left.Store staff said they do not know when the goods will be available, and they will sell whatever is available tomorrow.The number of customers who want to buy ice Dwen dwen is very large, the security staff outside the flagship store told reporters that there are customers who queue up at night.With only 500 reservations per day, everyone wants to get their hands on hot ice during the Winter Olympics.”When I came to work in the morning, there was a long line at the door,” he said, adding that customers who booked today won’t get their goods until 22nd.The reporter noted that taobao platform Olympic official flagship store newly listed a special edition of Bing Dwen Dwen plush toys in the Spring Festival, the goods will be opened at 8 PM on February 9, the pre-sale price of 180 yuan.(Source: Dazhong)

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