Ferran torres talent is extremely high, Barca scene crush Naples, Harvey gradually into a good situation

Barcelona should have won the game, only how phelan shot is too bad, we also can’t blame too much, from another point of view, he is very good, movement coordination ability supply special subject to speed more general but ball is very stable, I think phelan is a good striker, no ball ability really talented, as long as Barcelona have patience, Harvey concentration training, this is definitely a piece of jade.In the first half, the Barca midfield, assisted by de Jong, Pedrie and Nick left Napoli wide open at times, and barca were efficient in closing down from the top, except for the goal that kept the Italian side largely shut down.I think Xavi’s tactics were successful in the first half, just unlucky.In the second half, Barca stepped up the attack on the wings, dembele came on to activate the wings, further pressing the opposition, and gradually Napoli more and more retreat, not even the ball.Barcelona’s weak backline was a game of attacking rather than defending to reduce the number of attacks, otherwise Garcia and Mingeza’s defence would be a real concern.This field pederi, de Jong, Nico, Garvey have played a great role, the overall ability to press the opponents of these midfield is obvious, today’s pederi is really too like a white, whether the organization or the presence of the only one in the current Barca team, worthy of the golden boy award.I have always said that Barca will come back to the top if we give Xavi time.Phelan has been wasting chances a little bit recently, but I believe he can adapt, at least with the team mates and movement awareness is quite good, he is now more practice shooting, give him a little time, he should be able to.Ferran’s ball business is very high, every time he can appear in the key position, and there are several successful passes. After looking at these games, I think there is room for improvement in tackling, confrontation, speed and shooting. In short, I still look forward to you.This game proved that no matter how many players you bring in, it is still not as good as Dembele or Luc de Jong.Barca want to go further in the Europa League, must give dembele, Luc de Jong playing time.

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