Experts have warned that people should not blindly participate in snow sports and should be prepared before exercising

Reporter Liang Lulu in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, China’s short track speed skating team Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei and other achieved good results.The popular events make the public more enthusiastic and curious about ice and snow sports, which has become the “new favorite” of the public. However, blind participation in ice and snow sports is easy to cause sports injury.What preparations should be made before skating in case of sports injury?The reporter interviewed the third people’s hospital of henan province straight sports rehabilitation division sports rehabilitation division Sun Yan.Sun Yan told reporters that skating is mainly divided into speed skating, figure skating and short track speed skating.Speed skating and short track speed skating are racing events that require explosive strength and endurance, while figure skating requires better skills and coordination.In the competition, skating events are very easy to injure ankle joints.This is because the skates at the bottom of the skates long and thin, and the ground contact area is small, very unstable;In addition, the ice surface is relatively smooth and the friction is small, so it is easy to sprain the ankle joint in the competition.Lumbar back fasciitis also often occurs. First of all, the environmental temperature of skating is relatively low, and speed skating needs to be carried out in the posture of leaning forward, especially in the corner, it is highly leaning forward, and the lumbar back muscles bear a great load.The jump, rotation and other technical movements in the slide are closely related to the back muscle, and a long time of training will make the back fascia in a state of tension, causing the back muscle fatigue, causing pain.Muscle strains are also common in speed skating and short track, especially hamstrings and gluteus maximus.In the process of skating, athletes need to bend their knees, bend their hips and bend their knees all the time. When sprinting and starting, violent muscle contraction and pulling will cause a large load to these muscles and cause strain.For figure skating, knee joint sports injury is more.”Ice ballet” in the process of technical demonstration, some air twist after landing on one knee support to make the knee bear more impact.Lack of stability in the lower extremities can cause knee sprains, resulting in torn knee cruciate ligaments and meniscus injuries.Strength and coordination training is needed to prevent sports injuries, Sun said, noting that ice and snow sports fans should not only improve their specific abilities, but also focus on strength and coordination training to prevent sports injuries.In addition, the motion mode of bending the knee and bending the hip in the skating process also needs the strong quadriceps muscle to support, so it needs to focus on strengthening the quadriceps centrifugal training in training.At the same time, Sun yan also made the following suggestions: For ankle joint protection, we can do some standing toe, standing on one foot with eyes closed, and grabbing towels with feet to enhance ankle joint stability.If an acute ankle sprain occurs, PRICE treatment is performed immediately after the sprain, i.e. P (protection), R (rest), I (ice), C (compression), and E (elevation of the affected limb).For lumbar back fasciitis, the strength of lumbar back muscle and core muscle group can be strengthened.Such as back muscles extension, abdominal rolls, plank and so on.After exercise, you can use fascia gun and massage to relax the muscles.For knee sprain and muscle strain, the most important thing is to master the correct skating skills.The second is to improve the lower limb muscle centripetal, centrifugal force, knee joint by the wall squatting, lunge squatting, standing on one leg and so on.Before exercise, you can also play on the ankle and knee joint to help stabilize the joint, and choose appropriate shoes.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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