Wing on Garden Community received three provincial honors

Good news recently, Yongan Garden Community in our district was rated as liaoning Province 2021 typical demonstration project of old community reconstruction, and won the comprehensive demonstration project (ranked the first in the province) and the complete community demonstration project and intelligent life demonstration project in each item.The URBAN Housing And Urban-rural Development Bureau issued a notice requiring all localities to learn from the experience of the renovation of Yongan Garden community, focus on the centralized continuous renovation, building a complete community, creating a green community, building a smart community and other aspects, and cultivate local typical demonstration projects according to local conditions.It is reported that in this selection, the province declared a total of 37 typical demonstration projects in 2021.The provincial office invited the provincial Construction Industry Guidance service Center, the Provincial Real Estate Industry Association, China Real Estate News and other senior professionals to form an expert group. According to the “Evaluation Standard for Typical Demonstration Projects in The Reconstruction of old residential areas (Trial)”, the applied projects were evaluated in three rounds, including material evaluation, online video evaluation and field evaluation.Finally, 25 projects were determined as typical demonstration projects of 2021 old residential areas in Liaoning Province.Source: Yuanbao published

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