The whole electric drive city high-energy E-Power National test drive Meeting in Nanjing station ended perfectly

The National test drive Of All-electric Drive Xuayi High-Power Electric Drive E-Power successfully concluded in Nanjing Station. Major media friends from Jiangsu and prospective Nissan owners gathered together to experience the electric drive of Xuayi E-Power full time electric drive, efficient POWER generation and flash charge and flash release.Dongfeng Nissan East China two district marketing center Ningyang District supervisor Mr. Yuan Dongbo on-site speech:”As one of the five core technologies of Dongfeng Nissan, The Electric drive E-Power is an all-in-one product with pure electric driving experience, but no battery life or charging concerns. In the future, it will join forces with ProPILOT Supersmart Drive, VC-Turbo superengine, Nissan Connect Supersmart, and Zero Emisson.”We will further accelerate the arrival of Nissan Smart In China, bring more suitable products with higher quality and higher intelligence to Meet the needs of Chinese consumers, and provide users with more intelligent transportation solutions.”Later, dongfeng Nissan gold medal lecturer came on stage to explain the technical points of Xuanyi E-power electric drive to the guests present.The lecturer explained the unique charm of Xuayi E-power from the aspects of “development history”, “dynamic principle”, “dynamic advantage”, “six adaptive working conditions” and so on.After listening to the professional explanation of Xuanyi E-power e-Power, guests on the scene were eager to try it. The road test drive was carefully arranged around the three POWER advantages of Xuanyi E-power, bringing a passionate and cool driving experience.The guests can personally experience the surging POWER, lasting endurance and smooth and comfortable driving experience of Xuayi Electric drive E-Power.This test drive route covers various road conditions such as roads in the inner city of Nanjing, viaducts and expressways. On the one hand, it can simulate real urban commuting road conditions, and on the other hand, it can test the performance of Xuayi E-Power electric drive vehicles in an all-round way.After one hour of the race, all the vehicles arrived at the finish line one after another. After patient statistics, the result of the race was finally produced. Finally, the champion group won the championship of this fuel-saving race with the result of 3.1L fuel consumption per 100 kilometers!Be the fuel-efficient challenge king of the game.In addition to the top of electric drive technology strong response, smooth feeling and JingMiXing, can be oil electricity “way of flexible filling can also are well received by the media and customers, sylphy, electric drive e – 100% fuel POWER generation, POWER unique 100% pure electric works, innovative achieved both retain the advantages of pure electric anxiety and don’t have to worry about life issues,End range anxiety by just walking.It is believed that in nanjing, a city with high technology content and rapid development, Xuanyi E-power, which combines economy, practicality and driving interest, will surely become the ideal new choice for commuters in more cities.Dongfeng Nissan’s first E-Power model, after 15 years of precipitation and continuous iteration, adheres to the development vision of allowing everyone to enjoy the strong response, smooth feeling and tranquility brought by the top-level electric drive technology, and finally waits for his arrival.The arrival of Xuanyi E-power electric drive e-Power will become another technological edge for Dongfeng Nissan to promote “carbon neutrality” and help Dongfeng Nissan to move forward and seize the initiative in the wave of electric drive.The high-power professional motor awarded the “Ward Top ten” can output the maximum peak torque of 300N·m at the same level in the initial stage, drive efficiency is up to 96%, 0-50km/h acceleration takes only 3.8s, the acceleration is very strong, and the motor can be controlled accurately 1/10,000 seconds. At the same time, thanks to nissan’s unique vibration suppression technology,It can eliminate vibration quickly and ensure smooth and comfortable driving process.Efficient power generation, give every drop of fuel due respect.E – the POWER energy management for China’s first model from the system level, realize the intelligent POWER generation system, POWER batteries and efficient coordination of the driven motor, internal combustion engines focus on POWER generation, always in the best condition, create a city condition 3.9 L / 100 km of low fuel consumption, give consumers the fun to drive at the same time, make the city commuting cost greatly reduced.Flash charge flash, charge wait to say goodbye.The strong power is inseparable from the strong support of the battery.Sylphy, electric drive e – POWER carrying capacity type 2 KWH of POWER battery, charging and discharging rate is as high as 30 c, with a high performance lithium-ion batteries, charge and discharge ratio is 15 times more than ordinary pure traction batteries, did flash flash filling put, quick response and calmly deal with all kinds of conditions, at the same time its smaller volume, lighter weight, can effectively reduce the burden of the vehicle.More humanized comfortable driving space.Dongfeng Nissan is also very original in modelling and configuration. Xuayi Electric drive E-Power adopts V-Motion2.0 design language, and the central part of the double V-shaped chrome trim is KUMIKO style air intake grille, reflecting the craftsman spirit and electrification.The new NISSAN LOGO is eye-catching and the boomerang LED headlights are eye-catching.At the same time, it also has superior configurations comparable to luxury cars, including a unique 15W wireless charger, the largest 12.3-inch color HD capacitive touch screen, and a new immersive human-computer interface design.More advanced wisdom to enjoy humanistic technology experience.The Electric drive e-Power is equipped with the new upgraded Nissan Connect SuperSmart 2.0+ Connected vehicle system, which provides voice control, remote control, in-vehicle online services, and remote real-time monitoring for a wide range of mobility scenarios.In terms of intelligent SAFETY, the Electric drive E-Power is equipped with the NISSAN I-Safety Intelligent active SAFETY system. The 10 auxiliary SAFETY features provide all-round SAFETY protection for users.At the same time, it is also equipped with Nissan ProPILOT super intelligent driving system, making driving more relaxed and pleasant.For more information about Xuayi electric drive E-power, please consult dongfeng Nissan Hanhong Franchise Store in Nanjing. Address: No. 228 East Mufu Road, Qixia District, Nanjing. Tel: 025-85335678.Dongfeng Nissan Wenhua Store Address: No. 918 Shuanglong Avenue, Jiangning District, Nanjing City Tel: 025-66629900 Dongfeng Nissan Funing Store Address: No. 92 Yaoxin Avenue, Yaohua Street, Qixia District, Nanjing City Tel:Dongfeng Nissan Hua Xing franchise store address: No. 274 Daming Road, Honghua Street, Qinhuai District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province Tel: 025-52608822 Dongfeng Nissan South East Qi franchise store address: No. 186 Dongshan Street, Dongshan District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province Tel: 025-69968666

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