Notice on initiating large-scale nucleic acid testing in Qilihe District

The general residents friend: at present, COVID – 19 grim situation of the epidemic prevention and control is complex, in order to further do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to protect people’s life safety and health in this district, the district zone spreading leadership team, decided to March 31 solstice in 2022 on April 5, within the scope of the district to carry out large-scale rounds nucleic acid detection.1. Residents in the district strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and do not go out, gather together, or walk around at will.2. In order to ensure full coverage of nucleic acid testing without omission, please carry your ID card and smart phone for nucleic acid testing in the designated area or residential community according to the arrangement of streets and communities, and ensure that the whole unit is taken out and the whole unit is taken back.Iii. During the sampling process, please follow the guidance of the staff, take good personal protection, wear masks throughout the whole process, strictly keep a distance of “one meter line”, avoid gathering and talking to each other, and keep the site quiet and orderly.4. Medical observation personnel under home quarantine and health testing personnel at home shall not go to nucleic acid testing sites for sampling.Closed management personnel do not go out of the house, other arrangements for personnel sampling.V. Residents are requested to consciously fulfill their testing obligations and take the initiative to participate in nucleic acid testing.According to the code assignment rules of “Gansu Health code”, “yellow code” will be assigned to those who missed detection once, and “red code” will be assigned to those who missed detection twice.Thank you for your support and cooperation!Let us work together to overcome difficulties and resolutely win the battle against the epidemic.Office of the Joint COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group of Qilihe District, Lanzhou City, March 31, 2022

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