He xinchun sent blessings to ma Guan border control station condolence area difficult people

During the Spring Festival, the feeling of cold is deep. In order to convey the care and care of the Party Committee of Maguan Station for the “gate model” who has long adhered to the border line and the people in difficulty in the area under their jurisdiction, the police of Baoliang Street Sub-station of Maguan Entry-exit border inspection Station went deep into the homes of the people under their jurisdiction to send Spring Festival blessings to help solve their living difficulties and bring them warmth.”Today, we come to see you and thank you for your contribution in 2021. In the New Year, we wish you happiness in your family and success in your work. In 2022, we hope you will continue to maintain and develop the spirit of dedication, regardless of hardships or fatigue, in your endeavors to protect the border areas.”At the edge of the guard member in the home, keep good street RACES vice adsense Mr Luo and edge member held cordial talks, to understand the situation, inquired about the family life life difficulties and problems existing in the work, and on the caffeine arts of life, stick to the border line spirit sincerely respect to them, thank them to make a contribution to the country and the society.Do you still remember the little boy that the police of Baoliang Street sub-station helped to send home on October 9, 2021?On New Year’s Eve, the police went to the little boy’s home again, prepared new clothes for the New Year for him, sent rice, oil and other necessities of life, and prepared a delicious gift package for the child.When the police were ready to leave, the little boy took the police’s hand and said, “Thank you for the gift of uncle police. Happy New Year to you!”The sympathy deepened the police and people’s fish and water situation, got the support and trust of the masses, further consolidated the foundation of the masses work, highlighted the responsibility and responsibility of the border inspection, but also brought practical help to the people in difficulty of the jurisdiction.Yunnan net correspondent Xu Haiyang photography report

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