Gong Hanlin overbearing response, Dong Lu lies were exposed, Feng Xiaoting face loss!

Gong Hanlin overbearing response, Dong Lu lies were exposed, Feng Xiaoting face loss!On March 15, Beijing time, Gong Hanlin responded again to the hot topic about Chinese football.This time he recorded a very interesting video to face the National football team.I don’t know what you think about that.You can leave your comments in the comments section below and share your thoughts.Thank youAfter Gong Hanlin criticized Chinese football for the first time, saying his players had lost face instead of winning glory for the country with a salary of 3 million yuan, feng Xiaoting, the team’s captain, was followed by Chinese football expert Dong Lu.This caused a lot of controversy.More netizens choose to side with the flexible side, because Chinese football really has been adding obstacles to the Chinese people.At least you said comedians make people happy, right?Then on March 14, Gong hanlin recorded his latest video in response.The video is based on China’s 3-1 loss to Vietnam.In the one and a half minutes, or nearly 90 seconds, of the video, Mr. Gong reflected on his acting career before poking fun at China’s loss to Vietnam.He makes it clear that while he doesn’t understand football, he can at least read the score and has never embarrassed his countrymen during his acting career.Gong Hanlin this time strong response, also let The Chinese men’s football again completely humiliated, Feng Xiaoting FIG leaf was torn off.Dong Lu was disgraced and the National football team humiliated.It is worth mentioning that Feng Xiaoting has made the latest response.He posted a thousand-word statement at 23:00 yesterday November.He says he respects every walk of life.In fact, it is not just the athletes’ hard work, but the hidden bitterness behind it.As a member of Chinese football, he hopes to become better in the end.Well, everyone’s common goal is to hope Chinese football is good.So why can’t we report and dig for stories from a better Angle, and explore and think about our football with sharper positive energy?If footballers are not confident, then Chinese football really has nothing to look forward to.Chinese female soccer journalist Li Xuan also expressed her support for Chinese soccer on social media.Gong hanlin’s words, she said, were actually a lack of confidence.Originally Gong Hanlin said those words about Chinese football for the first time, she still quite understand Gong Hanlin.She qualified as an old actress angry about Chinese football, but she didn’t expect Gong Hanlin to continue a video so soon.By the standards of essays, this response video is not too funny, too deliberate.

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