Bluetooth headset what brand is good?The TOP5 bluetooth headsets for 2022 are out

The emergence of Bluetooth headset makes it more convenient for us to listen to music, follow TV dramas and play games. It has been recognized and sought after by consumers, and its sales have been booming in recent years.But what’s a good brand for a Bluetooth headset?It’s a tough decision for a novice.A digital website recently released its ranking of bluetooth headphones for 2022. Follow luo to find out the TOP5 models.Low JEET Air 2 bluetooth headset bluetooth headsets of the fierce competition over the past two years, represented by handset maker huawei, millet, is famous for its par value rambler, there is also a main quality JEET and lossless transmission technology, it is tencent, professional audio technology innovation works investment brand, have more than 10 years experience in audio parsing.How to wear it: The comfort level of these wireless Bluetooth headphones is what Luo considers to be the best in its price range.It solves the problem that most headphones on the market always drop off during exercise.Due to the special technology of earphone, the friction of earphone increases, coupled with the in-ear design, it will be more in line with artificial ear canal. In Lao Luo’s actual test, earphone can really be thrown off, plus the weight is very light, there is no pain when wearing it, and there is no discomfort when wearing it for several hours continuously.Sound quality experience: Luo believes that every time he uses the JEET Air2 Bluetooth headset to listen to music, he enjoys it.JEET almost reached a degree of paranoia about the sound quality, in order to make the sound quality of this headset to the extreme, JEET team spent a huge sum of money to invite 20 international acoustic engineers, lasted more than 400 days of back and forth tuning, so that the sound quality of low, middle and high frequency more full, voice more clear, can be said to be equal to the thousand yuan flagship brand.Bluetooth performance: according to the old evaluation experience, still have a lot of bluetooth headset problems connection is not stable, games were higher, but the bluetooth headset can easily control the game scene, after the switch to the game mode, it can sustain 90 ms of ultra low delay, almost feel delay exists, do effect by synching up?And even in such a complex environment as the subway can maintain a stable connection, no disconnection occurred.SONY wF-C500 Bluetooth headset SONY wF-H800, WF-XB700, wF-XB700, wF-H800, WF-XB700, WF-C500, WF-C500, WF-C500, WF-C500, WF-C500, WF-C500, WF-C500, WF-C500, WF-C500Comfort: The charging bay is similar to SONY’s previous WF-XB700, but the WF-C500’s charging bay is noticeably smaller.Available in ice green, coral orange, black and white, I chose ice green and the look level is not bad.With a similar design to the WF-1000XM4, it looks like SONY has ditched the much-maligned three-point support structure in favor of a new one.Comfort is relatively better, short time to wear at least not ear.Battery life: official says single battery life can be up to 10 hours, with a charging bin can support a charge, the total battery life is 20 hours.USB Type-C is used for charging, but wireless charging is not supported.This endurance, in today’s TWS market is also the average endurance of the level.Through the actual experience of these days, this battery life is reliable, there will be no battery anxiety.Vivo TWS 2 Wireless Bluetooth headset As a mobile phone manufacturer, vivo naturally also followed the market launched bluetooth headset, their products, appearance level are very high.Vivo TWS 2 has two color schemes of Bright moon white and star blue. This star blue scheme is relatively rare among similar products. The top cover is bright pure black, which forms a better sense of unity with the black and blue gradient in the lower part.How to wear it: The Vivo TWS 2 weighs around 4.7g per ear, similar to the previous half-in-ear TWS 1. The overall weight is only 41.9g, which is good weight control.Headset design, or in the comfort as a priority, I this period of time, the use of on the wear can feel your headset is a natural fit to live my ear canal, after wearing for nearly an hour, still more balanced ear pressure, the alienation of the ear is not obvious, I feel at least an hour of wear is not feeling any pressure.Battery life: The battery life part, official data shows, noise reduction off, with charging box can last up to 30 hours;With noise reduction off, the headset can listen for up to 8 hours at a time;With noise reduction enabled, the headset can listen for up to 4 hours at a time.Founded in 1945, Sennheiser is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of professional microphones and headsets.Sennheiser continues to lead the way in new audio technologies.Appearance design: Sennheiser CX True Wireless inherits the design language of sennheiser’s family products, especially my black, with a strong steady business style.Unlike many huaqiangbei models, which have a strong plastic feel, the charging case is made of a matte material, which is more scratch resistant, stain resistant and fingerprint-free than glossy plastic, making it very easy to take care of.Range:CX True sennheiser Wireless single ear weight only 6 g, basically belongs to the category of the light, and life has been pretty good also, a single life time is 9 hours, charging box can give headphones charged twice, a total of 27 hours can continuous music, according to the use of two hours a day, almost half a month to need to recharge.It also supports fast charging, which can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. For most users, there is no need to worry about battery life.Sound quality: The earphones use the original German 7mm moving coil drive unit, which uses a lot of innovative technology. The diaphragm is inert material, without any lines, to minimize resonance.With support from SBC, AAC and Aptx audio decoding technology, the headset can provide deep bass, natural midrange and clear and detailed treble.Philips UT102S Wireless Bluetooth headset Philips, as the industry leader in terminal digital products, has been involved in various industries and fields.True wireless Bluetooth headset is no exception. Although it is not the main product of Philips, it is guaranteed to be produced in big factories.Wearing experience:In the aspect of design, Mr. Luo found this headset is different from AirPods drab white, it has a polar Athens, black, white, Aegean blue, and purple on the street, the colour of the four kinds of different style, feel can satisfy the different preferences of people of color, better everyday love dress himself is tonal collocation, suits, is the essential of many girls, bluetooth headset.The ergonomic design with 45 degrees of bevel in the ear and three different size earcaps make the earphones comfortable enough to avoid serious discomfort even if they are worn for a long time.Bluetooth connection: in terms of configuration, the TAUT102SC adopts bluetooth 5.1 solution, which makes the connection more stable, the transmission is faster, the music can be listened to, the voice can be spoken.IPX4 waterproof certification, can provide 2-5 minutes of multi-directional and multi-angle waterproof protection, can be used in sports or rainy days.The above is Lao Luo’s most recommended five bluetooth headphone brands, you can rest assured when buying.So much for this bluetooth headset, see you next time.

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