Behind the lights of thousands of families is their silent guard, the reporter experienced the day of the police on duty at the grassroots police station

As the Spring Festival approaches, the whole city is immersed in a joyous and peaceful atmosphere.However, there are such a group of people, they measure the city with their steps, silently protect everyone’s safety, always appear in the most needed place of the masses.Recently, the modern Express reporter walked into the East police station of Taizhou Hailing Public Security, experience the day of the police on duty at the grassroots police station, feel their sweet and sour.▷ Every morning, the police station held a morning meeting to review the duty assignment of the previous day and called the police one hour late. However, he kept busy and learned that the working hours of the police officers on duty were from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. the next day. I thought I would arrive early and have a conversation with the police.As a result, when I arrived at the police station at 7:50, police Officer Li Jiaxiang was already waiting in the duty room.Lee Jiaxiang, 25, has been working as a police officer at the Seongdong Police Station for just one year.Chengdong police Station has a total of 33 police officers, auxiliary police 106 people, all the police are on a 24-hour shift for four days, other normal shifts are mainly to handle cases, deal with emergencies, rescue and so on.”I have been longing for the police since I was a child. I think it is a noble profession.”Li Jiaxiang college entrance examination results more than a line, he did not hesitate to choose jiangsu police Institute, after graduation wish to become a glorious people’s police.Time ticked by, but the alarm phone in the duty room didn’t ring until a little after 9 a.m.”We normally start at 8 o ‘clock the phone will ring non-stop, it seems that today the district is peaceful and peaceful.”Although the police call “late” 1 hour, but Li Jiaxiang is not idle, he has been sorting out the files of several cases in hand.”A case is not finished when the suspect is caught. We also have a lot of work to sort out the case files in the later stage. Some cases are more than one person high.”Special skills, precinct map, dinner five minutes in the middle of a conversation, the phone call!Call came in. A 90-something woman got lost.On the phone, the caller said he was in the village parking lot.The police came to the rescue of a missing man in his 90s. Li Jiaxiang, zhang Jianping and I set out.On board the car, auxiliary police began to call the caller to ask for the specific address, but the phone could not be reached.”There are three parking lots in the village. We start from the nearest one. You continue to contact the police.”Li Jiaxiang while arranging auxiliary police, while driving the car to the nearest parking lot.Sure enough, we met the 911 caller in the third village parking lot.”Just work a year, is the case of the police, incredibly to the jurisdiction so familiar!”At that time, I admire this 25-year-old guy.Soon, I was introduced to another of Li jiaxiang’s skills – “fire eye, golden eye”.After driving the lost woman home, we were going back to the restaurant for lunch when Li Jiaxiang suddenly pulled over to the side of the road and ran straight to a man.”Do you know me?What are you doing here?”On the way, Lee gets off the bus and checks up on a suspect he has dealt with before. Three months ago, the man was dealt with by Lee for stealing a mobile phone.There was no problem with the routine inspection, Li jiaxiang and the other party said: “The Spring Festival is coming, there is nothing to go back home early.”It was nearly one o ‘clock when we returned to the police station.After the meal, we sat down at the table. I stood up to make soup and found that Li Jiaxiang had eaten half of his meal.”You are so hungry that you didn’t eat this morning?”Facing the inquiry, the young man’s face is a little red.”It’s a habit. Normally we eat in five minutes, but we eat faster because there’s always a warning on duty.”Every “little thing” is of great importance to the parties involved. Several police were issued in succession this morning. I was already feeling a little tired.”The former employees of a restaurant are making trouble. Police are invited to…”When we arrived at a restaurant in our district, a 50-year-old woman was arguing loudly with the staff.After learning, the old woman was employed as a waitress in the store on January 1, but left on January 22, because she felt that a little girl at the reception was bullying her.After knowing the whole story, Li Jiaxiang called his aunt aside.”Auntie, I understand, you are actually angry, after all, she is not older than your child, why do you care so much with her?”Seeing that the old woman did not speak, Li jiaxiang struck while the iron was hot, saying that he would criticize the little girl.Under the persuasion of the people around, the old woman finally showed a smiling face.Li Jiaxiang told me that more than half of the police cases handled every day are disputes.”What we seem to be small matters are big to the parties involved. As long as the people are satisfied, it doesn’t matter if we are a little bit bitter or tired.”Soon, another police situation also verified Li Jiaxiang’s statement.When we returned to the police station, before we sat down, an elderly man came to the police, saying that his son had a financial dispute with someone and could not be reached.”The mother was worried and cried at home every day.”Li Jiaxiang carefully asked the old man’s son some basic information, according to the provisions of the report, through multiple inquiries, investigation, research found that the person in the field.”Old man, go back and tell your wife that your son has been found.”Li Jiaxiang comforts the old man.At 6 o ‘clock in the evening, I found that the number of steps on the wechat campaign for the first time reached 15,000.”I normally take more than 15,000 steps when I’m on duty, sometimes 20,000.”Another hurried dinner, Li Jiaxiang told me that there was a big action in the evening.▽ Lee went to the bathroom with his colleagues at 7 p.m., the entire office gathered for a comprehensive inspection of the district, and Lee was assigned to check entertainment places and bath hotels in the district.From 7:00 to 11:00, we’ve been on the run conducting surprise inspections at these precincts.I noticed that On the way, Li Jiaxiang fell asleep twice and woke up as soon as he arrived at the destination. “Sorry, maybe I worked overtime too late last night.”In my interview, I learned that the police station normally has more than 40 police reports a day, and each of the three policemen on duty is assigned more than 10. Although the duty hours are from 8 am to 8 am the next day, the police station usually has more than 40 police reports a day.But the actual situation is, often to the next morning, some disputes, public security cases received on duty will continue to deal with, and sometimes even need to work for 48 hours.Back in the office, I looked at the Spring Festival duty list. Li Jiaxiang had to be on duty for three days during the six-day holiday.He said, the head of the police badge, to shoulder the responsibility of the people’s police worthy of the title.In the police station, looking at a hurry figure, I know, behind the years of quiet good, is such a group of people in the load forward.Correspondent Wang Jingqi Modern Express + reporter MAO Xiaowen/photo

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