Zichuan District: “artifact” for wheat spring tube inserted “acceleration”

Now is the critical period of wheat management, Zichuan district actively promote self-propelled spray rod sprayer and other plant protection machinery weeding, fertilization, disease and insect pest control mechanized operation, improve operation efficiency, ensure smooth wheat spring pipe work, for the annual stable grain yield and income to build a solid foundation.”Crack crack crack…”Recently, in a wheat field under the Yellow Cliff village of Luo Cun town, a large self-propelled spray rod spray machine is to start the period of wheat seedlings to kill grass, fertilization, disease and insect prevention in one of the spraying operations.”It used to take 25 people to complete the 45 mu of wheat field after several rounds of spraying, but now it only takes one hour to complete, improving the efficiency of the operation. It is mechanized operation that adds’ acceleration ‘to the wheat spring pipe.”Zichuan district Zhenhai planting professional cooperative president Sun Zhenhai said that the machine medicine compared to artificial medicine time saving labor province.In order to better carry out wheat spring pipe, ensure stable summer grain yield and increase income, Zichuan district multiple measures, through the combination of online training and offline guidance, do our best to do wheat spring pipe work.Because affected by the epidemic, zichuan scattered agricultural mechanization production this year compared with previous years, “in the face of the change, on the one hand, we will make preparations for machine maintenance debugging, through online promotion of agricultural machinery cooperatives member machinist’s online training, on the other hand actively organize personnel to the cooperative, the fields to guide the crop management operations.”Zichuan district agricultural machinery center deputy director si Aili said.Wheat to high yield, focus on spring tube.At present, the district agricultural machinery center has guided cooperatives, agricultural machinery maintenance machinery more than 1000 sets, to ensure the smooth spring pipe, for food to build a solid foundation.Responsible Editor: Jiang Jian Source :46 Zibo Daily

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