Tengchong residents can visit Tengchong for free during the Spring Festival

As the year draws to a close,Festival atmosphere near tengchong ginkgo village come up to the first branch a green seems to greet the arrival of the Spring Festival festival atmosphere rich ginkgo village streets courtyard hangs red lanterns, gu long oiled paper umbrella hanging on bamboo scented sausages are wide variety of snacks, fruit on the table naughty kids running around in the kitchen cooking tinkling sound from the villagers go to the supermarket procurementNecessities and long-lost friends talk about homely poetic habitation filled with the whole village prosperous year of the tiger little of course not rich interesting activities to write message, hang lantern, New Year gifts that make memories most missed the festival atmosphere in ginkgo village once again revive welfare surprises during the Spring Festival activities visitors free ginkgo town scenic spot into the scenic spot blessing of free visitors can participate in writing within a specified rangeLanguage, hanging red lanterns activity time February 1st – February 7th there are more benefits waiting for you to oh ~ rich food, lively atmosphere full ceremony ginkgo village welcome from all over the world gather here to welcome the year of the Tiger

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