Prevent diabetic eye disease, to guard 6 lines of defense

Diabetic eye disease is a complication that often occurs in diabetic patients, including retinopathy, cataract, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Almost all eye diseases are likely to occur in diabetic patients.Diabetes patients should pay attention to the prevention of eye disease in their daily life. They should not regret until they lose their sight. They should cherish their light and cherish their life today.Some diabetic patients do not have a special understanding of diabetic eye disease. When they feel uncomfortable in the eyes and see something abnormal, they cannot be found in time. When they are found, it is already a relatively serious degree.There are several common symptoms of diabetic eye disease, such as decreased vision, flash sensation, double vision, floating shadow, and visual field loss.As long as the symptoms of discomfort appear in the eyes, it is necessary to go to the hospital to see the doctor early to do the examination, especially the fundus examination, to find the problem as soon as possible, as soon as possible to solve.How to prevent diabetic eye disease should pay attention to the following points: strict control of blood glucose is the fundamental measure to prevent and cure diabetic eye disease.More than 80% of poorly controlled diabetics developed retinopathy after 20 years, compared with about 10% of well-controlled diabetics, a huge difference.Diabetic patients want to prevent diabetic eye disease, we should pay attention to the detection of blood pressure.If your blood pressure is high, take the right steps to get it down.Special attention should be paid to the fact that hypertension can directly cause retinopathy.Don’t let your blood pressure fluctuate or stay high.Blood lipids are also important. When patients have severe hyperlipidemia, lipoproteins in the blood that contain large amounts of triglycerides can make retinal blood vessels pale and nearly milky white.These lipoproteins may further leak out of the capillaries. This is called retinal lipid exudation, which shows yellow patches on the retina.If the lipid exudates into the macula it can seriously affect vision.Retinal vein thrombosis caused by hyperlipidemia is very serious and difficult to be detected early.High concentration of blood lipid can activate platelets and make them release polycoagulant factors, resulting in increased platelet aggregation and intravascular thrombosis.If a clot occurs in the eye, it can cause a blockage in the blood vessels in the retina.Diabetic retinopathy is irreversible and must be detected and treated early. Therefore, diabetic patients must have their vision and fundus examined regularly.Such as vision, dilated pupil fundus examination, fundus photography, etc., to observe the presence of diabetic fundus lesions or progression, should be examined every six months.Diabetics had better quit smoking;The diet should be light, eat less spicy, stimulating and high fat food;Exercise moderately, but avoid strenuous exercise;Mental workers should pay attention to eye hygiene, avoid long-term reading, computer use caused by visual fatigue, so as to delay the occurrence of diabetic retinopathy as far as possible.In addition, diabetes and their families should pay more attention to diabetes and its complications.If diabetic eye lesions can be well controlled, the quality of life of sugar friends can be greatly improved.Self-regulation, using a computer or cell phone for a period of time, do 5 minutes of blinking, can improve the ciliary muscle regulation;Or do eye massage again, there are many acupoints around the eyes, many meridians through this, through massage stimulation of these acupoints can significantly improve the visual fatigue state.Diabetic patients can not ignore this complication of diabetic eye disease, which is a serious complication that affects patients’ vision.I hope you can pay attention to the protection of your eyes in your daily life and go to the hospital for an examination if you feel wrong.

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