It is a town in Dezhou, Shandong province, with a population of 40,000. It has a unique characteristic industry

Hui Wangzhuang town is located in dezhou City Lingcheng 20 kilometers north, 314 provincial road and Debin highway through the whole territory, 10 kilometers away from The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway Dezhou station, the town “village access” oil road 115 kilometers, has realized the dry road around the town, the branch connected villages, traffic conditions are very convenient.The town covers a total area of 105.5 square kilometers, with a cultivated area of 87,000 mu and 18 communities under its jurisdiction.The town has a total population of 42,000, of which 38,000 are agricultural.Unique characteristic industry.Closely relying on the strategic layout of “five big Spaces” in the whole district, Hui Wangzhuang Town has made every effort to develop characteristic forest and fruit industries, build a “leisure ecological town”, and focus on cultivating three industrial areas, namely ecological agricultural and fruit sightseeing area, characteristic agricultural and fruit planting area and agricultural products deep processing area.First, we will lead by example.In accordance with the principle of “becoming bigger, stronger and better”, it adopts the industrial promotion planning of “one village, one product”, “one industry, one industry” and the promotion mode of “government support, mass participation, step by step implementation, key breakthrough”.On the basis of enlarging the renovation and upgrading of the existing 3000 mu grape sightseeing and picking ecological base, we will promote the construction of demonstration bases in a planned and step-by-step way, and support and develop a group of specialized villages and households.Second, we introduced policies to promote it.Farmers should be guided and encouraged to carry out land transfer in various forms, such as subcontracting, leasing, exchange, transfer and investment, and concentrate scattered small-scale land and idle land into new forest and fruit operating subjects, such as large professional farmers’ cooperatives and agricultural leading enterprises.The town has transferred more than 1000 acres of land for planting langya feishu peach based characteristics of peach, most of the products sold abroad.Third, we will strengthen support for science and technology.Accelerate the construction of improved seedlings breeding base to ensure the supply of high-quality seedlings for the development of forest and fruit industry;Strengthen the construction of technical service system, forestry and other relevant departments to perform their duties, innovate service methods, go deep into the fields, guide farmers in cultivation and management.At the same time, the coordination of superior departments to increase training efforts, through holding training classes, special lectures, on-site operation guidance and other forms, the vast forest farmers for technical training, and strive to achieve backbone villages, families understand technology.Fourth, lengthen the industrial chain.The company successfully introduced a 230 million yuan vineyard sightseeing project invested by Tianjin Agricultural Reclamation Group.The project integrates sightseeing agriculture, picking and wine making, and can realize horizontal development and vertical extension of grape industry chain after it is put into operation.The beautiful Hui Wangzhuang town welcomes your arrival!(Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete)

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