Common failures and solutions of residential wastewater treatment equipment

Busy is a kind of happiness, let us have no time to experience pain;Rushing about is a kind of happiness, let us truly feel life;Exhaustion is a kind of enjoyment, let us have no time to emptiness.Hello, everyone, travel, in play at the same time must pay attention to travel and personal protection yo.Don’t be lax about personal protection because of casual fun.Next, xiaobian will introduce the common failures and solutions of residential wastewater treatment equipment.Domestic sewage treatment equipment in use, is afraid of failure, so we want to better use of domestic sewage treatment equipment, should give priority to the failure of domestic sewage treatment equipment first have a simple understanding, to prevent similar problems, can be more convenient to solve.1, can not normal water.Contact oxidation tank, sedimentation tank, disinfection tank, sludge tank connected to the pipeline blockage (blockage is generally off the biofilm and damaged elastic three-dimensional packing).2. Uneven aeration in contact oxidation tank.Check whether the outlet valve of aeration fan is in normal position and whether the aeration head is damaged.3. The effect of biofilm attachment is not obvious.Check whether the aeration of the contact oxidation tank is uniform and whether the sludge of the secondary sedimentation tank is pumped to the tank;If the above situation is normal, add appropriate nutrients (white sugar, urea, etc.) to the pool.4, the effluent quality is not up to standard.If the water inflow is too large, the aeration of the contact oxidation tank is not uniform or the operation stops for a long time (at this time, the biofilm is cultivated again);Excessive sludge in sedimentation tank (sludge removal);Disinfect device outage and long-term disinfect effluent.5, automatic control failure.Check whether the power supply of automatic control cabinet is normal;Check whether the supporting lifting pump and aeration fan are damaged (at this time, excessive current may be formed and the break switch will be automatically disconnected).The above content of this article is a brief introduction to the common failures and solutions of domestic sewage treatment equipment. If you have other problems, you can leave a message in the comments section below, or contact xiaobian through the following.I hope you can have more or less from the article compiled from the small harvest, thank you for reading.

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