West second Ring Lexus LS is now in the sale of 20% of the down payment

Shijiazhuang west second Ring hua Hin or Lexus original imported luxury model supply, can test drive!Down payment of 175,600, the day for 474 yuan from the full brand second-hand car replacement Lexus LS enjoy 15,000 yuan subsidies to buy a high price of Lexus second-hand car, other brands can be purchased at a high price in the shop to buy a certified second-hand car enjoy 30 days no reason to return service!!Financial installment easy purchase!After-sales policy: 8 years / 200,000km (gasoline power), 10 years / 250,000km (hybrid power) Lexus (manufacturer) certified second-hand car service Old customer introduction successful purchase of lexus original bicycle, transfer to introduce 2 or more gift card 1000 yuan activities from February 13, 2022 to February 20, 2022

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