Us “authorized evacuation of diplomatic and consular staff” : the logic of the decision is puzzling, and China responded

As the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games begins, athletes from all participating countries are actively preparing for the games.In the important moments before the sprint, the United States repeatedly “demon”.On the night of January 25, the United States issued a notice on the authorized evacuation of diplomatic and consular personnel.It said it was evacuating US diplomats in China because of “COVID-19 in China”.Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular diplomatic briefing on January 26 that the LOGIC of the US decision is inexplicable and difficult to justify itself.For the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China is well ahead of schedule.The athletes and relevant staff have already entered the Olympic Village in advance, to eliminate all negative effects caused by external factors, so that the athletes feel at ease in preparation.In contrast to China’s response to the epidemic, the US action is a “face to face”. Although there have been repeated signs of the epidemic in China since the beginning of winter, once the epidemic was detected, relevant provinces and cities have taken actions to effectively control the epidemic, reduce casualties and reduce economic losses.It has become a model country in the world’s fight against COVID-19.On the other hand, since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, the whole country has been in a panic, and people involved are irresponsible, resulting in numerous casualties and huge losses.”China is one of the safest countries in the world,” commented a relevant source.In contrast, the US move is undoubtedly “slap in the face”, more like another plan.The United States has acted as a demon more than once before the Beijing Winter Olympics.The White House raised eyebrows last month when it announced it would “not send an official delegation” to the Winter Olympics.The move not only affects relations between China and the United States, but could even prematurely end the careers of some American athletes.The United States has repeatedly made a fuss over the Winter Olympics in China. Its sinister intentions are nothing but a so-called “diplomatic boycott” on the other hand.This “authorized evacuation” is another action that Washington is plotting.The United States used the epidemic as an excuse to discredit Chinese officials, and analyzed that the United States has repeatedly created conflicts and tried to block the Beijing Winter Olympics, which is a naked provocation.Now, it is using the epidemic as an excuse to smear China, trying to unite its Allies to join a “boycott” against China and put China in its “shadow” to host the Winter Olympics.A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said the logic of the US decision was inexplicable.China expressed strong dissatisfaction.China has always been “inclusive and open” in its dealings with other countries, but the REPEATED provocations of the United States, which has no bottom line, will undoubtedly infuriate China, and China will not condone such outrageous and unreasonable behavior, a source said.Part of the news reference source: huanqiu net

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