Treasure nerf real!That’s how Easy it is for Woking to eat chicken when the crew is physically toxic

Today, the warchess hotfix is available.The cracked Version of Tavern Battle chess is officially history!This hotfix mainly involves two heroes, Tictus and Illidan.Tiketus will now only be able to find the fridge twice in a full game, and the unlimited fridge (12 turns bonus + super Winner) will be completely eliminated.The second is to remove the prize “to raise the status”, so that you can not return to the gold partner, and with copper whiskers to play infinite resources of the battle chess cracked version.Poor Tyketes, in infinite set, is just a T3 close to T4 hero, did not think the strongest means to win was cut, do not know later can see this hero in the pub….Another hero who was attacked by Illidan, Illidan fixed a bug where Ilidarre of the Golden Eclipse (illidan’s companion) would not grant immunity to the second minions when attacked.Illidan’s mistake may have had more far-reaching consequences than Tictus’s, equivalent to one less attack.After the last update, illidan’s average ranking dropped dramatically, from the second ranking all the way to T4, and the average ranking also dropped to 5.22. I don’t know if illidan’s ranking can recover some after this hot repair.In yesterday’s tweet, we briefly talked about new and returning heroes, and today we’ll talk about two more battle chess heroes.One for Okim and one for Ashach.After the update, Woking ranked 3.82 on average, with All Heroes third.Audience master asked the hero backstage before, in fact, as long as you understand the principle of Woking, it is very easy to start, and eat chicken rotten points.The first is the warchess partner of Woking, who ends the turn by giving neighboring minions the damage of that minions.Woking mainly relies on the attack power of his partner, buffing both sides of his minions, and finally making all minions’ attack power become extremely high, to achieve the effect of “physical poison”.After understanding the game, it is necessary to choose a suitable follower. The first is to find a follower who raises a partner to attack. The preferred one is 13 dragons.Generally speaking, Wo Jin used to avoid two dozen, so 13 dragon is easy to find, can not find hard search, wild boar people eat gems, raise small powder, do not need to desperately raise embryos, early or very good over.Once you have a partner, you can look for embryos and increase your overall attack power.The preferred option is the shield minions. Machines that can be magnetically attached are the first choice. Other minions, such as the Shield dragon or the Tomahawk, are good choices.If you want to increase your attack power after having a partner, you can consider using two ordinary entourage alloys to double your attack power.May be some audience master will feel attack high blood low use is not much, but as long as the attack is high enough, and the selected embryo have holy shield, is the full physical extremely toxic holy shield, can ensure that 1 for 2 will not lose.Another thing to talk about is the routine I saw during the warniang live broadcast, the tribals, which is a lineup that can be tried if there is no preferred hero and the race ban selection is appropriate.The first is Ashach’s warchess partner, which grants +4+4 and +8+8 for gold every time you summon an attendant of the current tavern level.It is worth mentioning that the minions can also be +4+4 if the minions purchased are also current tavern level minions.Tripod Flow Ashach takes advantage of the buddy mechanic and chooses to stop at tripod to increase power.The lineup races to choose from demons and machines.In the 3 books, the machine has 31 magnetic force, stop in the 3 book to stick to the machine is a 7-5 BUFF, deflection is also in the 3 book, can be used as a blank.Demon has soul eater, eat demon is 7-7 BUFF, and return 3 yuan.According to the fighting method of machine miscellaneous, with this BUFF means, there is a force of war, tile niang with this method finally eat chicken.However, as mentioned before, this lineup is selected in special conditions of the routine, the audience master master can be used as a battle chess small trick, certain situations can have a good effect.

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