This is a great opening for 2022

01 I had to leave for the railway station at about 10 a.m. My mother got up early in the morning and started to work on cooking another big breakfast before I left.The night before, at dinner, I asked my mother, “What’s for tomorrow?”My brother and my dad just guess what I want to eat, my brother said, is dumplings, my dad said, is dumplings, I said, you don’t know, only my mother know, and then my mother chuckled: you just want to eat me to give you do hand rolling noodles.When I just came back, my mother will do hand rolling noodles, childhood memory, always feel that hand rolling noodles is the most troublesome, to mix the noodles, rolling noodles, fried a lot of dishes, peeling garlic hit garlic paste, adjust sesame sauce, of course, after eating to wash a lot of bowls.I talked to my mom: Just do it again before I leave.And embarrassed to ask for too much.My mother sneered, I thought she was going to sigh “you see you come back, I want to give you when the cleaning woman.”And she said, “Just once?I’ll cook you as many times as you want.”When waiting for the table, I picked the biggest bowl in the home, full of, like eating the last meal of life, my mother saw, smiling helpless: girl, you are risking your life in eating ah.Yeah, when you’re done, you’re too full to walk.I didn’t go home for a year and a half, but I didn’t feel homesick. I was busy outside and didn’t have much time to miss my family.Feel that the feelings of adults have become light, like an iceberg, how many under the water who can not see, can see only the surface of the head of that point.My homesickness always focuses on eating, such as home, don’t buy any bite, feel what all of my mom’s delicious, steamed rice, I want to give yourself hot steamed bread alone, go out shopping, after FanDianEr also want to go home with an empty stomach to eat, I super like to eat snacks, but also not to eat at home,Dinner time do not eat to feel the stomach crazy shout “support dead support dead” do not finish.Premonition oneself want fat, tell my mother every day;”Mom, let’s make it easy tonight. I can’t eat any more.”As a result, every time the meal is on the table, I break the defense, because I know that if I don’t eat with all my might, when I leave home, I will be sure to cry for the few bites I didn’t eat.Last year there was a time, want to eat my mom pack dumpling, want to crazy, look up the logistics thought that can send me, just call to let my mother bag, the old couple gave me a packet of hundreds of results, such as about the logistics, the somebody else say, fresh class can’t send, send cold chain to go to Beijing, too, tired parents along while, I’m also looking forward to for a long time, the result is a big dream.Before that, I had no idea that I would feel so sad that I could eat nothing for days without a single dumpling.The more I grow up, the more I realize what “countryside” is. I grew up here, but I don’t belong here. The longer I leave, the more intense the feeling of alienation and familiarity becomes.Before I left, my bestie asked me if I was excited to go home. I said I didn’t feel anything and it was quite normal. But the farther the car went, the more restless I found myself.I always say I don’t like the climate and environment in the north, but the north is always more sentimental than the south. I like the south, but the north is full of blood.Back to school until February 17, nearly a month of time, like to own life press the pause button, a big off, and this kind of false home and a person go out to travel again, return is his whole person regression, is cast as an adult, the childhood that just be locked up the little girl put out again.In front of the elders act in petulance, play to depend on, hee hee ha ha, in front of the younger generation sometimes pretend to be adults bossing around, and sometimes call themselves children become one, that kind of free and comfortable, is in any place, will not have.This time home, saw two snow, one is in Beijing, climbed the North mountain to see the Palace Museum in the snow.One was at home. I got up early in the morning and rushed to the big soil embankment to watch the snow. Excited, I made a live video broadcast with my brothers and sisters and friends, and many people asked me “where did I travel?Ziya River water quietly flowing, large areas of snow falling, accompanied by the sound of ducks and birds, the originally desolate woods, suddenly appeared to be clear and distant, vast world.04 in Beijing face base a reader, not with the reader face base for a long time, have a period of time do not dare to see, afraid of others through the text added too thick filter, only to see the real person after disappointment.In the second half of last year, I became brave again. I met several people one after another, and they all got along very well with each other. Even before the car turned over, I became more and more brave.I feel that I have figured it out. I don’t have to be afraid of other people’s imagination, and I don’t have to be responsible for other people’s disappointment, as long as I always show my true self and meet everyone with my true appearance.This time the base of the readers, let me very surprised, if others do not express, I really do not know, there will be someone like me, also can not think of the past those superficial now even I look down on the article, to others have what kind of significance.I’m not a fan of stars, so it’s hard to imagine that other people can be so hard, like a never met and so far away.At 12 o ‘clock on New Year’s Eve, he sent a long article of four thousand five hundred words to me, which is longer than the article I usually write. From the initial concern, after writing the face base, he showed me the tears in the bed in the middle of the night.Surface base for three times, each time walking late into the night, also is I’m talking about most of the time, I can talk too much, no defense and safe to people, he said, I am into a beam of light in his life, in fact, I also want to him, said to many readers like me, you, you are the gift my wonder of the world, is I want to also dare not want to surprise.This is a great opening for 2022.

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