The Beijing Education bureau recently announced that schools and colleges will have to reschedule their original opening date, but there is more bad news

Reading is a very important thing, it can broaden students’ horizons, let them learn more knowledge, many teachers and parents want students to study hard, when tests and the entrance examination to test a good result, each student’s talent and learning speed is different, some students may be new to a certain knowledge of the slow progress,He can improve his grades slowly through his own efforts.But some parents feel that students’ low scores are not good at learning, so they will severely criticize them, or even give a variety of punishment. In fact, this practice is easy to hit students’ enthusiasm for learning, and in serious cases, it may make him hate learning.Some parents like to let the students to study in external training, but training outside the teaching quality is uneven, and the fees are not cheap, it’s bad economic conditions of family is hard to bear, some students usually study seems very hard, very early in the morning up endorsement, ten minutes break also rarely leave a seat, there is little time to rest and recreation,But their academic performance never improved.And some students class looks, no effort, but their grades are always leading the way, there is a very important reason is that they have mastered the correct method of study, it makes them have twice the result with half the effort, when reading some students usually study pressure is very big, they want to have a good rest and winter vacationSo they can have more energy when they study.Beijing bureau of education new notice, big scheduled start time of primary and secondary schools to adjust during winter vacation, if students want to improve myself, it is best to have a long-term study plan or goal, and the corresponding rewards and punishment system, students are rewarded, after the completion of achievement on punishment, the content of the reward is best not to set up a permanent thing,For example, let students play mobile phones for an hour, half an hour of games and so on, so as to better stimulate students’ learning motivation.Beijing is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government in our country, whether the economy or the development of education is good, the Internet had an article from the media and netizens said the Beijing education bureau new notice, was postponed, the opening time of primary and secondary schools, though some universities in Beijing appeared delay back to school and online school, but this does not mean that all students should be delayed opening, biased idea is wrong,The specific opening time shall be subject to the authoritative information issued by the municipal and prefectural educational administrative departments and colleges and universities.Beijing Forestry University, Beijing Normal University and Beijing University of Science and Technology will reopen as scheduled. Students of China University of Petroleum will return to school at different peak times. In case of special circumstances, the opening time of students may be postponed, but not vice versa.It is worth noting that tuition fees for some students have also increased, such as liaoning Literature and history majors at 4,800 yuan per year, Henan Science and Technology majors at 5,000 yuan per year, hangzhou Qiantang Foreign Language School tuition increased by 3,000 yuan.In addition, there is bad news. The bad news is that the Education bureau of Changzhi City plans to include naked eye vision and weight assessment in the total score of the high school entrance examination starting from 2022. Students with naked eye vision less than 4.6 and weight not meeting the standard will be deducted up to 4 points, which is not good for obese myopia students.If students do not want to be nearsighted, they should avoid long-term intensive eye use and get enough sleep. Generally speaking, the reasonable sleep time for high school students is 8 hours a day.Ladies and gentlemen, how long do you think students should sleep every day?Leave a comment and follow us to learn more.

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