Septic tank mold

Septic tanks are mainly used for sewage treatment.In order to be dangerous, it must be covered on it. The best use effect of sewage treatment is the septic tank mold.There is no special requirement for filling soil during installation, and it can also be installed by rolling transportation, which greatly simplifies the operation process.A baffle plate is provided to separate the pool body, and the baffle plate is provided with a cable ring hole.The septic tank is cylindrical in shape, and the upper part is provided with an inspection port.It is stronger and withstands more pressure than traditional SEPTIC tank designs.Multiple bearings can be processed in stages, and the effect will be better.Further explore the adaptability of sewage treatment and septic tank water quality, improve the efficiency and utilization of sewage precipitation.Septic tank is multistage connected, corresponding to the function of multiple chambers, common treatment of feces and sewage.With the continuous progress of society, the requirements of urban life for septic tank molds are getting higher and higher.Septic tank is a space-saving underground environmental protection equipment, which plays an important role in sewage treatment in residential areas, office buildings, business districts, schools and other places.Cement septic tank is convenient to install, convenient to construct, good air permeability, reasonable design structure, excellent environmental protection and energy saving function, which is the fundamental guarantee of urban life today.

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