On February 9, the stock fund net inflow of more than 100 million yuan list

Market volume rebound across the board, but also the plate rotation, yesterday’s leading plate appeared a small adjustment, yesterday’s adjustment of the wine plate has appeared a conventional fall rebound.The new leading hot digital currency concept under the joint action of technology and policy, so that the capital appeared a resultant force, the relevant stocks appeared the limit tide.Shanghai stock Index continued 3 days strong rebound, finally led to shenzhen component index and gem index in the absence of a new low in the case of open volume rebound.Reflect the incremental capital admission over the phenomenon of obvious.The whole market, which continues to fall, has a desire to rebound.From the flow characteristics of funds between the plates, the plate of net inflow of funds is significantly increased, and the volume is significantly larger than the outflow.The largest inflow was in the brewing and communications sector, which reached 2.45 billion, matching the recent maximum inflow.And outflow for Banks and securities, most Banks are out of mind up 910 million people, most market peatlands rebound also makes the number of individual stocks more than one hundred million yuan net inflows rose to 65, more than 500 million of net inflows of individual stocks reached eight, are basically super fell rebound is given priority to, liquor stocks have two, and the list of liquor to six,Then there are more green electric concept stocks.China mobile capital inflow is 848 million, which is also the opportunity driven by the green shoe mechanism.Leveraging the enthusiasm of market funds for 5G, which also led to the rise of the whole science and technology theme.Then the concept of lithium finally is driven by the price rise, the market has a strong stop market, such a rebound is the quick repair of the market was killed by the other point is the expectation of rising resource prices, from Goldman Sachs advice has been recognized by the market, this must pay attention to!No. Name Amount (100 million) Increase (%) Technical special1. China Mobile 8.4810.002 Wuliangye 6.683.153 Zijin Mining 6.654.154 Jiangte Electromechanical 6.3110.005 Xizang Mining 5.978.216 Yanghe 5.427.267 Muyuan 5.035.358 Tongling Nonferrous Metals 5.029.899 BYD 4.763.4610Jifei Bio 4.554.8811 Northern Rare Earth 4.283.9012 Yili Shares 3.993.3113 China Telecom 3.352.8014 Jinkosolar 3.177.1715 Inner Mongolia Hudian 3.0210.1416 Kweichow Moutai 2.993.1017 Oriental Fortune 2.981.6818 Yiling Pharmaceutical 2.8510.0219 ZTE 2.853.2520 Huaneng International 2.516.1921 Midea Group 2.503.0822 Ping An China 2.220.0823 Medium Mineral Resources 2.2210.0024 INDUSTRIAL and Commercial Bank of China 2.09-0.2125 Guangdian Express 2.0010.0326 Zhongke Shuguang 1.973.9427 AvIC Xifei 1.932.3228 Shensi Electronics 1.9119.9929 Ningde times 1.891.1730N Asianxin 1.8227.5331 Shide Liquor 1.794.7132 Ganfeng lithium 1.772.9633 port substorage 1.6910.0034 million Li Jie Neng 1.6710.0235 Hubei GuangElectricity 1.649.9636 Zhongtian Technology 1.632.7837 Shanghai Airport 1.592.8438 Donghua Software 1.5710.0039 Weitong 1.475.2240 Hailian Jinhui 1.4610.0541 Tongrentang 1.396.2742 Zhengtong Electronics 1.389.9843 Shengxin Lithium energy 1.315.5744 China Free 1.251.0645 Xingfa Group 1.252.7646 New Continent 1.2410.0147 AvIC Electric 1.223.9548 Tianhua Super Jing 1.220.0549 Songcheng Performing Arts 1.212.3350 Yankuang Energy 1.214.6851 Jinzheng Shares 1.214.6852 AvIC Power 1192.7253 China Resources Sanjiu 1.179.9954 Shi Dashenghua 1.174.3655 Luoyang Molybdenum 1.163.3156 IFLYtek 1.162.5857 Xinzhu 1.159.9858 Wenshi 1.152.9859 Guoxuan High-tech 1.092.7160 Jebsen 1.084.9461 China Unicom 1.063.3262 Essence Pharmaceutical 1.059.9863 Zhongbing Hongjian 1.052.9964 Nantian Information 1.0310.0365 New Hope 1.027.02

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