Nine into the foreign capital into the bank plate, the fund is also increasing, is the bank worth investing?

We found that, after more than A shares plates have been the winners, but ah, some low valuations plate, bright eye, Banks can be said to be the “dark horse”, if from after the New Year’s day, the bank index has more than 7%, the ETF products also gain, if after the Spring Festival, also rose by more than 5%, can say is to force, become the most beautiful boy in the market!So why are bank stocks surging, and what’s the logic behind it?What’s next?We say today: the rise of this wave of banks, and the influx of capital is inseparable, 90% of the northbound capital into the bank plate, part of the top flow fund managers also take the lead in adding cang bank shares, we will see the action of capital!Data showed that in the past month, The total net purchase of A shares by Landshare Connect totaled 17.6 billion yuan, of which 15.64 billion yuan flowed into bank stocks, accounting for nearly 90%.From yesterday’s capital situation, the bank plate to obtain the main fund holding close to 5 billion, ranked first in the market.A bank ETF also received net inflows of more than 110 million yuan, the closing scale of 10.5 billion yuan, a new high since the listing.In terms of individual stock performance, Lanzhou Bank rose by the daily limit, China Construction Bank rose more than 3%, Ping An Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China rose more than 2%.We’ll look at sustainability, two three days after the Spring Festival, lanzhou bank rose by more than 23%, xiamen, Su Nong bank, societe generale, zhangjiagang line rose by more than 8%, qilu bank, bank of ping an bank, post office bank, wuxi, zijin bank, China merchants bank, China construction bank rose by more than 5%, look a bit further, from after the New Year’s day,Because of the holiday before the capital tension adjusted a wave, but still rose after the Spring Festival, back to the high point, so, the capital to do more power is still in!In addition to large foreign purchases, top-flow funds are also increasing their positions. Blackrock China New Vision, the first foreign public offering fund, will also buy China Merchants Bank and Industrial Bank, the third and fifth major positions.Capital is still continuing to influx, top flow fund manager Dongrong Qiu, also added positions in the bank stocks, there are Rural Bank of Jiangsu, Changshu Bank, logic is stable operation, less fundamental risk, extremely low valuation, high growth.So why is money so keen on bank stocks?Let’s analyze the logic: 1, outstanding performance, a number of banks in 2021 good news, bank of Jiangsu, Bank of Ningbo, Zhangjiagang Bank, Bank of Suzhou, Bank of Rural Jiangsu, Bank of Qingdao, Changshu Bank and other growth rate of more than 20%, basically in the 2020-30% range, in terms of the banking sector, has been high growth.2. Favorable policies. In the first quarter of 2022, “steady growth” will be the main line.The “steady growth” sector represented by real estate infrastructure chain and big finance is more positive, especially at present, the real estate market is positive, which brings a certain boost to banks and real estate chain companies.3. Low valuation: The banking sector is known as a low-valuation sector. Under the annual economic background of “steady growth”, industries with low valuations have advantages.4. Market style switch: The market switches from the high valuation of 21 years to the low valuation, because the proportion of bank stocks in the market is not high before, and the price performance of the sector is prominent.5. The performance is good, but the stock price has not risen. In 2021, the overall decline of the banking sector, there is a demand for rebound.Look as a whole, the bank plate has configuration value at present, but still remind you that the first quarter has an advantage, after the second quarter, the market style may switch to high prosperity, in addition, some bank stocks have risen, do not suggest chasing high, is still low!If you are interested in investment, and do not know how to do well, Brother East wrote his 20 years of investment experience into a set of war, brother East will be from the bid selection, financial indicators, valuation, industry, actual trading, position management and other aspects, teach you how to learn how to invest to get a good return.Those who are interested can join Tongo!Click on the link to join the battle for quality Companies: The high winning band battle method.Decisive battle high quality enterprise: high winning rate band war method East Brother kan city 299 yuan to buy column I am east brother, like attention, learn more!

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